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The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.

~ Michelangelo

  • Ksenia Rukavishnikova
    I have recently completed my Master’s Degree in Business Administration with University of Wolverhampton. The support from Westford School of Management exceeded my expectations! Westford staff was literally assisting me in every step of the way for almost 2 years, starting from inspiration for enrollment, with continuous exceptional and detailed guidance on my assignments until I actually got my degree. Thank you Westford for giving me this incredible and life changing opportunity! University of Wolverhampton MBA Graduate
    Ksenia Rukavishnikova
    Service Ambassador, National Bank Of Abudhabi, Russian National.
  • Analisa
    Westford School of Management is a commendable institution that sets out equal opportunities and advantages among its students, making equality greatly perceptible in a highly diverse learning environment. Its faculty and staff, at great lengths, offer the most effective professional assistance possible in every respect. Westford School of Management has its well-defined strategies incessantly tailored to best fit the needs of its students and at all times geared towards sustainable success. I would always speak highly of Westford School of Management, one of the best schools that I am an alumna of, and the institution that has offered me stratospheric achievements beyond my anticipations. Analisa ~ Filipino National
    Strategies and Compliance department, Hamriya Free Zone Authority. Sharjah, UAE
  • Shaji Kumar Kannath
    Joining the MBA programme  at Westford School of Management was one of my best decision that I have ever made in my life, as it allowed me to enhance my multidisciplinary knowledge. Academic and professional experience of Westford faculty's was really inspiring. The various activities organised by Westford during our international campus was very much appreciated. A great experience; a great atmosphere between faculty, students and team Westford always be maintained. Thank you Westford..... "I will definitely recommend Westford School of Management to my friends and relatives whoever wish to develop their knowledge and skills.” University of Wolverhampton MBA Graduate (Merit Holder)
    Shaji Kumar Kannath
    General Manager Al Jaliya International Group Indian National
  • Habib Naserllah

    The MBA qualification I have accomplished through University of Wolverhampton, UK is a new millstone of my professional life. The learning experience with Westford School of Management has inspired me to gain knowledge while stretching my skills to add new experience to life. The skillful academic members have added value to me. The major change happened to me personally has reflected in enhancing my focus on evaluation of services, products or delivery , helped me to see things from a qualitative point of view, always strive for accurate delivery and going beyond expectations.

    Habib Naserllah
    Senior IT Operations Officer Support Services - OPERATIONS Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Lebanese National
  • "Joining Westford School of Management was one of the most important decisions I have ever made. I had the greatest time ever, made new friends and learnt about other cultures as Westford has a very multi-cultural environment. The faculties are very supportive and approachable; hence an individual attention is paid to each and every student. My experience at Westford has been a great one which is the reason I chose to continue with the Top Up in BA (Hons) here as well after completing the 2 years of HND. "
    Mariam Soghomonyan
    Armenian National, BABM student - UAE Campus; University of Wolverhampton
  • "I am delighted to say that I have now completed my MBA. Over the past more than a year, I have had the opportunity to work with individuals from almost all over the world. As a UAE national student, I have valued the opportunity to study in such a rich and diverse environment.This has been a huge benefit academically, by being able to exchange ideas with students from different parts of world, it has also been a tremendous learning experience to interact with people from such a wide range of cultural backgrounds. In addition, I should not forget to thank all my faculties for their tremendous help and support. They were very supportive and approachable and an individual attention is paid to each one of us. I can honestly say that joining Westford School of Management was one of the most important decisions I have ever made. It's excellent and highly recommended for those working professionals who need to mange the work and studies "
    Mr. Mohamad AbdulRahman Ali Albastaki
    UAE National Senior Associate - T&D Opns, Learning & Development Human Capital. Emirates Global Aluminium
  • "Completing my MBA degree was one of the best decisions in my life as not only has it positioned me for career growth but from a personal point of view given me the confidence that I now can achieve anything I set my mind to. Special thanks to the staff at Westerford who supported me through this journey, I can highly recommend them for anyone looking to pursue a higher education”
    Tommy Dixon
    South African National Dealer Development Manager Harley-Davidson Middle East & North Africa
  • "Through my learning experience at Westford, I can honestly say that it has helped me develop positive attitude towards learning. I have achieved excellent grades in my subjects through the help of supportive and friendly faculty members of Westford. Apart from learning, there are various activities and soft skill workshops that helps you in terms of personal as well as professional development. Strongly recommend for everyone who would like to enhance their knowledge and kick start their professional career."
    Mr. Sahaar Salim Kazi
    BABM student, University of Wolverhampton - UAE campus, Indian National
  • A reputed MBA was my target after gaining bachelors degree few years back. Thanks to Westford and Cardiff Metropolitan University for helping me to fulfill my dream through the tremendous support, I managed to complete it proudly with distinction. It also helped me to gain a new job as Sales Account Manager with John Crane Middle East FZE. The lesson to me is: when you know exactly what you want, and you are determined, everything becomes achievable.

    In my MBA study, I learnt modules such as Strategic Management and Developing Corporate Culture.which helped me to improve business and to manage a multinational company. But I believe the insight for us is more than that. We have also learnt to understand different cultures and people; and to respect them. We have not only learnt how to make a company grow, but also how to contribute to a growing society. 

    Ahmed El Hussiny
  • "I would like to thank Westford for the qualification in Health Management and Leadership, Now I am well educated and motivated. Honestly this qualification helped me a lot to improve my position in hospital I work for, helped to get the promotion. The study material and lectures was exciting and I liked a lot"
    Dr. Ahmed Abdelaziz
    Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai
  • Westford SoM's classes are more enriching unlike a normal 'strict' school like college. There is something special about the staff at Westford SoM. Our professors are absolutely exceptional, supportive and I owe so much to them. Professors were all from either corporate or from other areas, therefore they would 'think' like one of us. Thank you all so much for enlightening me and showing me the path of righteousness to lead this world.
    Firnas Ali Khan
    Relationship Manager, EmiratesNBD,UAE
  • Westford had a significant role in my life, as I shared with faculties and students my professional experience, and developed my knowledge and expertise with their highly qualified faculties. In addition to the awesome friendly environment, multicultural, and seriousness too, personally I recommend whoever is planning to continue studing to approach Westford. All the best.
    Mohamad Amin Nassif
    Business Development Manager, Audiviz Technologies LLC
  • The MBA Program at Westford School of Management UAE, is a pleasant and enjoyable experience. The program offers a quality learning experience that enriches the knowledge and skills of the MBA students. I enjoyed the MBA journey with a stress-free environment, as Westford offers professionals a powerful work-life and study balance with flexible schedules and diversified teaching tools and techniques.

    The course structure and content coupled with the partnership with the University of Wolverhampton and the rich resources available on the LMS gave the program an edge over other MBA programs. One of the program strengths I personally liked was the constant and consistent support provided by the faculty members to the MBA students. I would recommend the program for other friends and colleagues who are looking for an accredited MBA with a prestigious University in UK
    Eman Ismail
    Former Director at du & Advisor at The Executive Council of Dubai Gov.
  • Westford School of Management and its faculty are extremely supportive, encouraging and mindful of all the possible issues and hurdles faced by their students juggling their studies, work and family. Their commitment towards their students is something I truly respect and appreciate. The faculty and management of Westford always made me feel much supported. My experience studying with Westford was very much a positive one and I would welcome the opportunity to study with them again.
    Tarannum Reshamwala
  • Applying to the Westford School of Management to undertake my MBA at the Cardiff Metropolitan University was one of the best decisions I have made.  The leadership and faculties at Westford ensured a family-feel environment and were committed to my success.  The skills and knowledge I have gained from obtaining my MBA are invaluable and have helped me both personally and professionally throughout and beyond my learning experience.
    Regional Sales and Marketing Director , TAS ME LLC
  • Westford offers students an opportunity to develop their leadership and general management skills through an exceptionally interactive, team based approach to learning.  I found the intensive programme to be very much personalized while affording me with valuable one-on-one relationships with the faculty. The programme Westford have with Wolverhampton have business principles relevant for a more global world. I enjoyed the Westford experience, not only the knowledge but also I gained some friendships that I made.
    Mohammed Ali
    Wyeth Nutrition | Nestlé Middle East
  • The Wolverhampton MBA is a milestone in my professional life. The programme is designed and administered so seamlessly that it prepares me for high pressure situations and work - life balancing. The faculties at Westford are inspiring and they know the best way to engage us and lead us in the available time frame. The Westford management was an excellent support system throughout my program.
    Mohamed Hamed
    BDM, Emirates NBD Group, Dubai
  • Their partnership with University of Wolverhampton in UK is an added value to my studies. The faculty is always ready to provide help and support to the students whenever needed. They have a very flexible system that offers online and onsite classes for professionals which helps in balancing work and study life quite easily. I am extremely thankful to the faculty for all the support.
    Fatima Abbas
    HND 2013-2015, Batch Student
  • Opting for HND in Westford school of management was one of the best decisions of my life.

    From the academics to fun events i have always enjoyed the journey in westford. Westford has given me a lot of good friends among the students as well as the faculties. The faculties and the management had always been very cooperative and helpful. Thanks a lot Westford school of management for such an awesome HND journey filled with lots of opportunities to improve my self and explore the business management world.

    Looking forward for my further studies with you soon...
    Ahmed Khan
    Higher National Diploma Student (2014-2015)
  • On behalf of myself, I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to Westford School Of Management, U.A.E.

    The HND program has not only given me guidance in my business life but also a platform to exchange knowledge and coexist with other committed students.

    So far, the dedication from the faculty has been efficient and well perceived. Therefore, it is with gratitude and respect that I want to thank the school for contributing to my self-development and overall to a job well done.

    I would highly recommend this type of education system for busy and highly effective people thriving to always aligned gain additional knowledge.

    Maxime Calington
    Former Business Development Manager for United International Group
  • "The cultural diversity in classes was a great experience, as well as great atmosphere between professors and students. The MBA program at Westford was exciting but at the same time very challenging. Therefore taking the MBA at Westford is quintessential for working in international field of management"

    Senaj Avdic
    Managing Director, SOGECO International. UAE
  • The teaching styles, flexibility and use of technology allows me to manage my studies around a demanding full time job. Despite my work experience, the Westford MBA program is providing me with fresh insights, context and structured ways of thinking of strategic management and leadership. This program is helping me to engage with senior executives on a more level playing field and is equipping me for for the next stage of my career. I'm able to analyse the important business issues in a different way which is helping me to be more relevant, engaged and impact in my organisation.

    Managing Director, Treasury and Trade Solutions Citibank, UAE.