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Higher National Diploma (HND) in Art and Design : Interior Design

HND in Art & Design Interior Design

This course is designed for students wishing to embark on a professional career in Art and Design covering 3 different pathway options in Interior Design, Fashion Design and Textiles. It will help you develop creative, innovative and evaluation skills which can be applied to real-world situations.

Having completed this course, the students will be able to understand the local, regional and global context of creative industries. And, for those students with a global outlook, to aspire to international career pathways this course is an adept one. Students will be able to effectively communicate their ideas through oral, visual and written presentation. They will be able to apply a range of creative theories and practices in the field of creative industries.

Students will be equipped with the background for a wide variety of positions in the creative industries. And learn the fundamentals of the various functional areas in this sector. This will provide students with an understanding of the way technologies are transforming the creative world, and prepare them to work with these technologies. Also, students will develop their capacity for their right brain thinking and recognise its value in the creative industries and beyond.

Program Structure

This 14-module course has been designed to explore the creative capacity through a focused curriculum that prepares them for further degree-level studies or working in the industry. The course helps to give the students a new dimension to the learning through group projects, practical assignments and class collaboration – to more accurately reflect the real working environment.

Through a combination of coursework and engaging practical work, we will simulate scenarios and encourage interaction. This will ensure they are both constantly learning and fine-tuning their skills. Our expert tutors are here to offer continual support and guidance every step of the way.

Upon successful completion, students will have earned 240 credits – equivalent to the first two years of an undergraduate course. They can use their HND in Art and Design as a platform to move straight into employment, undergraduate studies or a professional course.

HND Art & Design: Interior Design

In this specialization the students will engage in the study and design of interior spaces for commercial, residential, retail and cultural environments. Developing an awareness of the historical and cultural context in which interiors have developed will further enhance students’ understanding of how to design spaces that are meaningful to those who inhabit them. An active experimental approach will encourage students to broaden their understanding of the creative potential working practices.


Sr Number Modules Unit credit
1 Professional Development 15
2 Contextual Studies 15
3 Individual Project (Pearson Set) 15
4 Techniques and Process 15
5 Professional Practice 15
6 Computer Aided Design (CAD) 15
7 3D Practice 15
8 Trend Forecasting 15
9 Material and Structures 15
10 Surface Design 15
11 Technical Drawing 15
12 Material Selection and Specification 15
13 Advanced Interior Design Studies 30
14 Applied Practice Collaborative Projects 30
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