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September 4, 2017
Affordable MBA in UAE

MBA with unique industry-focused learning from Westford University College

Learning should be an ever growing process with all of us, and as the saying also goes …..‘the only constant in life is change’…… we have to up skill and update our knowledge, competencies and skills at all times,
August 25, 2017
Logistics in UAE

Importance of alternative plan in Logistics

  Logistics B Team, please stand up!! Logistics. A word with many meanings or a meaning with many interpretations.  For most professionals and practitioners the term is still defined as the movement of something; of mainly raw materials, equipment,
July 20, 2017
International Study Program from Westford University College

The value of International Study Programs

Learning does not happen only in a classroom. The purpose of learning primarily is to push through barriers of self and grow holistically. If learning is limited to only what the textbook teaches, your development will be lopsided
July 5, 2017
Interview: Ruth Spellman, Chartered Management Institute

Interview: Ruth Spellman, Chartered Management Institute

Ruth Spellman, the former CEO of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), believes in empowerment, and never more so than in a recession. “There is a fair degree of pessimism in the transport sector,” she says. “People need to be empowered to get back on to a ‘can-do’ agenda. Powerless feels awful, but if you show them the things they can influence, they automatically feel better.”
June 29, 2017
MBA in finance to help you reach leadership roles

How MBA helps Finance Professionals in their journey towards the leadership roles?

In current times, most companies are looking for people with senior management potential. In their view, MBA graduates have an above-average chance of fulfilling this need, but they are careful not to raise expectations too high.
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