BA (Hons) Business Management with Data Analytics

BA (Hons) Business Management with Data Analytics
Awarded by Abertay University, Scotland

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    With the developing complexities in the management of businesses worldwide in the realm of Business with Analytics

    About BA (Hons) Business Management with Data Analytics

    Program Highlights

    In a fast-paced global market where change is constant, and the term ‘Big Data’ has dominated the field of analytics, it is essential for the future workforce to be equipped with the required skillset that sets them apart from the crowd. Along with offering an insight and training into core business processes such as Research, Human Resources, Digital Marketing and Operations, the programme comprises of study material that strengthens knowledge of management and analytics.

    Bringing different aspects of analytics through incorporation of modules such as Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Perspective Analytics and Computational Analytics – the BA (Hons) Business Management with Data Analytics offered by Westford in partnership with UK’s Abertay University aims to create a talent pool that harnesses the ability to apply the tools that are at their disposal and thrive in an international business environment.

    BA (Hons) Business Management with Data Analytics

    This bachelor’s degree offered by Abertay University is a three-year programme with each year split into two semesters. Eighteen modules will be covered through the course of the programme, three modules will be taught each semester

    First Year

    Semester 1
    Business Analytics
    People, Planet, Profit
    Theory and Practice in HRM
    Semester 2
    Project Management
    Researching Business and innovation
    Digital Marketing Principles

    Second Year

    Semester 3
    Digital Business
    Marketing Intelligence & Consumer Behaviour
    Business and Environmental Sustainability
    Semester 4
    Predictive Analytics
    Entrepreneurship & Business Start-up
    Financial Markets

    Third Year

    Semester 5
    Strategic and Operations Management
    Advanced Professional Practice
    Prescriptive Analytics
    Semester 6
    Innovating for Growth
    International Business & Management
    Computational Analytics

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      About Abertay

      Abertay University, formerly the University of Abertay Dundee, is a public university in the city of Dundee, Scotland. Abertay is a modern, friendly university in the heart of Dundee, Scotland, with a strong focus on teaching and preparing its graduates for the world of work, combined with excellence in research and knowledge exchange.  With roots going back to 1888, Abertay has always responded to the needs of industry, supplying a pipeline of graduate talent to work, lead and innovate across a wide range of sectors.  Abertay University prides in offering an inclusive, friendly and welcoming environment for our students and staff alongside first-rate teaching and excellent student experience.An ambitious, forward-thinking institution, it offers degree programmes to prepare students for careers in the modern world. Graduates have gone on to work for organisations including Apple, Google, BBC, Rockstar, Microsoft, Barclays Bank, and Coca Cola, as well as the NHS and government departments.

      Achievements of Abertay University:

      Upon completion of the program, learners will recieve the BA (Hons) in Business with Analytics from the Abertay University, Scotland.

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      Westford Mentorship Program

      Westford Mentorship Programme is a reciprocal learning opportunity between our MBA alumni currently in leadership roles in the industry and our day scholars who are pursuing their bachelor’s degree. This programme will allow the mentees to be coached by the mentors, who will share their professional experience, knowledge, and skills with the mentees to help them to achieve their career ambition. It all equates in giving back to the society by having a positive influence in the lives of young people, especially those who are looking for meaningful professions. The Program bridges the gap between academia and the workforce by providing students with an opportunity to engage with experts in their field of interest, ask insightful questions, and enhance their career exploration. Alumni mentoring programs have proven incredibly successful across the globe, however, it will be the first of its kind in the UAE.

      For Mentors

      Mentoring is a learning relationship between individuals focused on the mentee’s development and goals. As someone who has “been there before”, you will be able to assist current students in developing the confidence, knowledge and skills required to make a successful transition into industry. Mentoring is a great way to expand your professional network.

      For Mentees

      Students are encouraged to seek information and guidance from their mentor, and utilize the insight gained from learning about their mentor’s skills, experience, and knowledge to inform decisions about their future. They will also receive career guidance, networking opportunities, potential professional opportunities, and a chance to enhance their communication and career development skills.

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