BA (Hons) in

Sports Business

Awarded By: LJMU

Awarding Body

Liverpool John Moores University

Course Duration

3 years

Delivery Mode



360 UK credits

BA (Hons) in Sports Business

Awarded By Liverpool John Moores University

The aim of the program in partnership with other agencies in sport, provide the opportunity for students to achieve their full academic potential through honors degree–level study which encourages a high level of initiative, independent judgment, self-motivation and reflection, evaluative skills, and learner autonomy. The program is designed to fit industry needs and is facilitated through working partnerships between LJMU staff, students, external employers, and subject specialists.

BA Hons in Sports Business explores a variety of subjects and disciplines including; marketing, sponsorship and PR, sports management, sports digital media, sports events, grassroots, and elite sport. Employability and enterprise are key elements of this program. As such, you will have access to a range of opportunities to engage in work-related learning so that you can put theory into practice, develop professional networks and increase your graduate skill set.

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About The Programme

The Higher National Diploma qualification provides a solid grounding in Sport, which students can build on towards a BA (Hons) in Sports Business with our partner university. Holder of the Pearson BTEC would have developed a sound understanding of the principles in their field of study, they would have learned to evaluate the appropriateness of different approaches to solving problems. As the demand for sport professionals has been on a constant rise, the requirement for professionals to acquire sport specific skills is mandatory. The basis of sport is on the vital social, educational, and cultural values. It is the combination of involvement, integration, acceptance of differentiations, tolerance, and a fulfillment of rules. Students would require both relevant qualifications and employability skills to enhance their career prospects and contribute to their personal development. The qualifications embed throughout the program the development of key skills, attributes and strengths required by current employment standards.

The Benefits of Pursuing a Higher National Diploma in Sports

  • Global Curriculum: Worldwide exposure that enables students to gain a rich experience of studying at an international university.
  • Global Exposure: The curriculum consists of courses that are recognized all over the world and created as well as delivered by prominent and qualified faculty members.
  • Multiple Options: Option to study the last year in UAE/UK.
  • Holistic Development: Focus on critical thinking and practical learning rather than Rote Learning. The program is designed with a special focus on inculcating analytical reasoning and creative thinking in students.

Part 1 – Higher National Diploma (L5), Pearson

 S.No  Units  Credit
 1 Physical Activity, Lifestyle, & Health   15
 2 The Sport Landscape   15
 3 Project Management (Pearson – set)   15
 4 Risk & Safety Management in the Outdoors   15
 5 Inclusive Sport   15
 6 Sport Marketing   15
 7 Technology in Sport   15
 8 Environmental Issues & Ethics   15
 9 Entrepreneurism in Sport   15
 10 Outdoor Facility Management   15
 11 Sport, Health & Society   15
 12 Event Management   15
 13 Managing a Sport Program   15
 14 Performance Analysis   15
 15 Research Project   30

Part 2 – Top Up – BA (Hons) in Sports Business Liverpool John Moores University

 S.No  Units  Credit
 1 Sports Business 3   15
 2 Organizational Management & Leadership   15
 3 Sport Event Management   15
 4 Sport Business in Practice 3   15
 5 Research Project   15

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities in the sports industry are not limited to those with athletic prowess; there is a wide range of positions in the field for non-athletes too. The Global sports industry today is growing at a rapid pace, faster than any country’s GDP. An unexplored multi – million-dollar industry, houses career opportunities like no other. Multiple functional roles would be the requirement for most sporting organizations across the various sports

  • Sports Federations
  • Sports Marketing & Branding
  • Sports Merchandising
  • Sports Celebrity Management
  • Sports Journalism
  • Sports Facilities Management
  • Sports Event Management
  • Sports Equipment Manufacturing
  • Recreation and Sports Club Management
  • Sports Media & Broadcasting
  • Sports League & Team Management
  • Sports Agencies
  • Sports Tourism
  • Sports Marketing Research
  • Sports Retail
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