10 Reasons why Online MBA’s are more popular among working executives than Regular MBA programs

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An accredited MBA degree is in ever growing demand among the working professionals aiming to achieve a highly rewarding career path. But complexities due to a constant juggle between professional and personal life often hinders the career advancement in such a competitive world. Hence, in such cases, online MBA has become a popular choice among the working executives. The online programs offer plethora of opportunities to accelerate the career in the right direction. Westford University College (WUC) through its virtual learning platform aims to assist the working executives for achieving such a coveted degree.

Following attributes are significant advantages to opt for online MBA education while pursuing one’s profession full time:

1. Convenience: Pre-existing obligations is no more a hindrance for pursuing higher education. Work-life balance which has always been a constant issue for balancing education with job is resolved through ease and convenience offered through online education. Studies can be completed without one compromising their priorities within personal life.

2. Accreditation: MBA qualification from an accredited college is a gateway to grab suitable employment opportunities across the growing economies of the world. Affordable and fast MBA from accredited UK universities gives an individual an edge to migrate and explore job opportunities across the globe.

3. Affordable: Online MBA at Westford University College can provide a working executive with great value for their money. With the full time job, the coveted degree is a financial incentive with all accompanied advantages.
4. Flexibility: The online program allows an individual to balance professional and personal life easily. The online program at WUC offers a unique blend of adaptable schedules to assist working professionals in climbing the career ladder with least challenges.

5. Technological blend: The online lectures focus on high quality curriculum delivered to the students worldwide. It offers an advantage of learning and exploring cutting edge business technology. This eases the compatibility of one’s personal needs and busy schedule. Contemporary pedagogy is effective and interactive for meaningful learning through the program. Electa, online platform for classroom instruction at WUC, offers great functionality, interactive tools and technical support to enhance student’s learning experience.

6. Diverse Classroom: The biggest advantage of online platform is composition of a batch identified through varied nationalities networking in a single classroom.

7. Global Opportunities: With the ever increasing competition, online MBA has grown immensely in its demand as well as prestige. The diverse classroom with students from across the globe offer immense networking opportunity which remains limited in traditional MBA programs or only engaging in full time employment. Pursuing online education explores varied opportunities in this regard.

8. Contemporary teaching pedagogy: The curriculum instills constant shifting through varsity of information available in 21st century. Case study methods and problem solving approaches supported through videos and interactions intensifies the learning experience, complemented with the ease of online learning.

9. Choice: Varied range of programs is offered online which as well may not be available through traditional mode. Thus, offering abundant learning opportunities to working professionals. Unique choices and contemporary techniques, makes an online MBA a highly preferred option.

10. Career opportunities: Above all the benefits and lucrative advantages, accredited MBA degree plays a crucial role in facilitating advance career opportunities without taking a gap in the full time career.

With great communication and teaching pedagogy, online MBA offered in varied disciplines like marketing, finance, supply chain etc. at Westford University College, can prove to be a great tool for the professionals to gain edge in competitive global marketplace with advance education.

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Dr. Arpita, Westford University College

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