6 Ways HR Can Influence Organisational Culture

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HR is no longer perceived as a profit centre for firms, but rather as a Valuable Stakeholder in their success. In today’s dynamic and technologically empowered company contexts, HR professionals may become true change agents for culture reform.

Culture may be intentionally shaped and adjusted to influence organizational performance. While numerous elements can influence cultural practices and policies, policies have a significant impact on corporate culture. It changes as a result of shifting demographics, workplace standards, industry dynamics, and other reasons. It is feasible to assess your organization’s culture and utilize the results as a starting point for future improvements.

Everything from productivity and morale to engagement and brand reputation is influenced by your business culture. It is critical for HR to understand how culture affects the bottom line and what actions organizations can take to analyse how their cultures are doing regularly.

Here are 6 ways in which HR can influence culture:

1. Treating Employees Fairly and Responsibly

The way HR approaches employee treatment can have a significant impact on organisational culture. Making sure everyone is treated fairly and that decisions are based on merit, not bias, can help promote a culture of trust and collaboration. Additionally, employers should ensure that their policies are being implemented fairly, that employees are being held accountable for their actions, and that they have access to the resources they need to be successful in their roles. This can help develop a positive organisational culture that is based on fairness and responsibility.

2. Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

HR leaders have a major role in championing diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace. Being proactive in creating a safe and inclusive environment by providing anti-bias and sensitivity training for all staff can greatly help promote diversity and inclusion. Steps taken to ensure all job postings include language about diversity and inclusion, as well as setting reliable processes for supporting employees who may face discrimination are important measures to achieve this. HR has the power to reinforce an organizational culture that values, respects, and celebrates differences.

3. Creating a Positive Work Environment

HR can play a key role in creating and maintaining a positive work environment by developing employee-centric policies that create engagement and commitment. HR should consider ways to promote collaboration and communication between departments, incentivize employees for going above and beyond their job description, and provide a safe environment that encourages open dialogue about issues or concerns. An important aspect of bringing in positivity is by focusing on growth and development by promoting career advancement opportunities and providing resources to help employees reach their goals. Just a few initiatives can influence the work environment where employees feel valued, appreciated and supported.

4. Organisational Values and Ethics

Organisational values and ethics play a major role in the overall culture of an organisation. Human Resources (HR) can help to create a positive and productive culture by setting standards for ethical behaviour and enforcing those standards. HR can also work to promote diversity and inclusion, as well as ensure that all employees feel respected and valued. By establishing a clear set of values and expectations, HR can help to ensure that employees are held accountable for their actions, while also encouraging a sense of camaraderie within the workplace.

5. Providing Training and Development Opportunities

By offering opportunities for further learning and growth, HR can help create a culture of understanding that fosters a company’s growth and development. These training and development opportunities can include educational seminars, mentorship programs, and other forms of individualized professional development. By taking the time to invest in employees, HR can create an environment of mutual respect and trust that will ultimately benefit the entire organization.

6. Encouraging Innovation and Creativity

Innovation is the fuel that propels organizational excellence. Innovation requires creativity and HR can play a major role in encouraging innovation and creativity within an organisation. They can do this through the development of key strategies such as promoting an environment of experimentation and risk-taking, creating forums for brainstorming new ideas, and fostering open communication between employees. Additionally, HR should focus on providing employees with the resources they need to be creative and to have the confidence to take risks.


A clear corporate culture is critical for businesses since it is the key to keeping employees motivated. Only organizations with high levels of employee engagement can be successful and grow into even stronger organizations during this moment of global instability. People who identify with their organizations’ corporate cultures are more likely to be motivated and supportive of the business and its initiatives. HR must foster this culture, which must be visible and lived by every team member, not only on paper or in a handbook!

Organizations that are designed with a clear purpose in mind and try to meet the needs of their people will exhibit higher resilience and adaptability, allowing them to prosper. David Ulrich, an HR specialist and leader, feels that HR plays a critical role in preparing a business to meet future expectations. Rather than being tied to a department and limited to completing management objectives, HR should play a more active role in establishing company culture.

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