Advantage of Progressive Discipline System in Small Business Organizations

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A Progressive Disciplinary System usually starts with a verbal warning and progresses to final written warning further leads to termination of the employee. As each step is passed the disciplinary action is becoming more serious in this type of system. At first, employees are warned about the consequences of disciplinary actions which might lead to suspension or termination. According to the progressive discipline system, the consequences increases with the severity of employee’s action.

Structure of Progressive Discipline System
In effect progressive discipline management system gives a structure to the performance management system. How an employee perform during a stipulated time period is measured in performance management system and the disciplinary actions also play a crucial role in the same. If there is no policy regarding discipline inside a company it will become difficult for the managers to provide feedback.

Management Policies and Progressive Discipline System
Employees who supervise other workers, HR professionals and management professionals find it easy to follow progressive discipline system easy to follow. The progressive discipline system describes whether the companies should keep the employees or whether the errors caused by the employees are not affecting the productivity of the company.

Documentation of Progressive Discipline System
Proper written documentation is necessary for progressive discipline system management. An Hr manager or supervisor will find it easy to refer to previous actions concerning employee through such documentation system. Whenever there is a discussion concerning the disciplinary review the documentation can be kept as reference for further action taking process. Employees also find it easy to keep personal record keeping which is guiding the performance and work history inside the organization.

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