Advantages of Lean Supply Chain and Logistics Management

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Implementing a lean supply chain and logistics management process is an important element in developing long-term value among customers and increasing the performance of the business. Lean supply chain management system not only improves the quality but also increases the productivity through the extraction of waste. the essential thing in a lean supply chain and logistics management process is to ensure that every task will be adding value for the end user.

Eliminating the wastes can be done in several ways and the seven most important elements include the following

  1. Decreasing the production of items that are manufactured well before it is required.
  2. Decreasing the products in line waiting to be delivered.
  3. Decreasing the movement of products from different places during the process of manufacturing and delivery
  4. Decreasing the unnecessary processing of products that are not required in the end use.
  5. Decreasing the amount of inventory kept at stock
  6. Decreasing the amount of transportation of products which can exhaust the workers.
  7. Decreasing the defects that are causing to rework
The main advantages of lean supply chain management and logistics are as follows
  • Making all the people inside the organization to be involved in eliminating the wastage occurring in supply chain.
  • Preparing the processes running at the manufacturing phase to eliminate mistakes that might happen in future.
  • Creating a plan to standardize the process and listing out the best practices to be followed.
  • Making the flow of the products from the manufacturing plant to the customer through supply chain continuous.
  • Making the process with allowances to improve the products however busy is the time.
  • Delivering the products to the end customers at the right place, at the right time in the right quantity

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