All you want to know about the Four different Perspective of Tourism

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In 1990 Mcintosh and Goeldner found out that there are four different perspectives of tourism which is described as below. In a way, tourism involves the temporary moving of people from the normal environment to the destination and the various activities involving in it. Nowadays Travel and Tourism industry helps in moving people to destinations, providing food and other facilities to them and above all entertaining them at their destinations.

Perspectives of Tourism

I – Tourist

The people who goes on tour are looking for emotional and physical experiences through various activities. The nature of the experience a tourist wants can be found out by the category of destination of the tour program.

II – Tourism Business Catering Goods and Services
These are the set of business people who establish themselves for making a profit by providing the various facilities to the tourists and keeps the system running according to the demand in the industry.

III – Government of Tourism Host Community
Usually, the government look forward tourism industry as a way of obtaining financial stability for economic development of the region. The amount of income generated from the region where tourism is promoted and numerous possibilities of reducing unemployment are the main advantage government will be getting from the tourism initiatives. Apart from these advantages money coming into the economy in the form of foreign exchange and tax collected from tourist expenditures are added advantages.

IV – Tourism Host Community
The people in and around the tourism destination sees employment opportunities and the overall cultural enhancement in tourism. The interaction between the local residents and the people involved in the tourism business with the visitors that is contributing to the overall development of the area.

So the success of a tourism spot involves these four factors and the interaction between tourists, government, people involved in the tourism business and the people in and around the tourism destination.

tourism management

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