An Overview of MBA in International Business for students to face relentless competition in the global market

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In the last few years,the world has become extremely globalized, therefore knowing how to effectively manage an organisation beyond its domestic boundaries is of immense value. The complexities involved in operating an international business makes business administration a very challenging task. Firms expect managers to possess a variety of skills and abilities in order to adapt to the diverse landscape of the global market. An MBA in International Business helps provide an understanding of the business management practices prevalent globally and prepares students to face relentless competition in the global market. The skills developed during the MBA are highly sought after by multinational firms and this demand for qualified postgraduates translates into a plethora of opportunities in multiple job sectors. In addition, students get access to internships in prestigious firms and a vast alumni network.

MBA in International Business enhances understanding of the global economic landscape through extensive case-study research and lectures on a diverse range of topics that are related to International Business, including finance, marketing, leadership, sustainability, communications,and management. It is desired by professionals who have already gained significant experience as it provides a considerable return on investment in terms of professional growth and career progression(QS Top Universities, 2019).

The Program

The program is delivered by faculty members who have considerable experience in both industry and academia. The diversity in the classroom enables students pursuing International Business Graduate Programs, International Business Distance Learning MBA, Online or Part-time Business Management in developing a global mindset. The classroom interaction prepares them to work confidently with global partners. Graduates who complete International business courses are well prepared to undertake challenging positions in consultancy, international; finance and marketing and non-profit organisations in exciting geographical locations such as USA, Germany, Australia, Singapore and Canada(Smith, 2018). It also helps in fostering entrepreneurial capabilities in students that could translate into startups.

The ‘Big Four’ companies have grown tremendously over the past few years and there is a considerable demand for global talent in these companies. Nick Frost, who is a partner at KPMG UK,stated that: “There are immense benefits from those who come from formal programs such as MBAs and certainly we need to tap that source actively”(Murray, 2016). KPMG’s global teams mostly consist of managers who are graduates of international business schools (KPMG, 2019). In the past, KPMG has also provided its employees with an opportunity to pursue an Online MBA in order to retain them (Anderson, 2008).

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