Barriers to Effective Communication for MBA Professionals

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The skill of communicating effectively is critical for MBA Professionals. How effective communication is going on can be hindered by certain Barriers in Communication. It is essential for the MBA Professionals to know about these barriers and overcome them for effective communication with other members of the organization. Most of the people in top-level management consider effective communication as part of Management Skill.

The following are the major barriers in Communication Skills

  • Vagueness of the Message : The extend of vagueness depends on what to say and when to say.
  • Presentation Style : This depends usually upon which medium which is used for communication purpose.
  • Limited Audience : If the audience do not have the skills of interpreting about what is being said then there are chances of poor communication
  • Assumptions : If both the listener and speaker have different assumptions then it will result in poor communication scenario.
  • Different Viewpoints : If both the listener and the speaker have different view points and perspectives then communication will not be effective.
  • Deceiving : If some aspects are kept as a secret in the act of deceiving it will yield poor communication.
  • Interruptions : Noisy environments and other factors can also lead to poor communication
  • Scarcity of Channels : If there is scarcity in the channels of communication communication will not be effective.

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