Dubai:  A Preferred MBA Destination

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Dubai, the largest and one of the fastest-growing cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has gained a strong pace to become a knowledge-based economy. Also known as the city of gold, Dubai is known for providing “quality of life” and “standard of living” to its citizens abreast with the world’s finest infrastructure. The city also draws the attention of thousands of expatriates with attractive job and business opportunities. With a set of goals to become a ‘Global Smart City and an entrepreneurial and innovation hub —Dubai is on its way to emerging as the world’s top “destination of choice” for education.

As the hub for education, Dubai provides top-of-the-line facilities in terms of education to local and international students and thrives in a multicultural environment for global students. There is a strong commitment to education in Dubai, as well as a sense of motivation among students to learn and explore. Some of the more popular courses offered by universities here are in the fields of Business, Mass Media, Economics, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Architecture.

Recently Dubai was named the best city in the Middle East for student life. ‘Dubai-Sharjah’ improved its ranking from 65 in the previous year to 51 in 2022 !! On the parameter of ‘Student View,’ it is at 20.(

Studying in this cosmopolitan and modern city gives a fascinating learning experience in and out of classrooms that very few cities around the world can match. The country saw education as a core aspect of economic modernization, noting that the greatest benefit that wealth, can indeed be created by investing in the creation of generations of skilled and qualified citizens. The phenomenally successful internalization policy followed by UAE has helped it become one of the world’s largest transnational centers of education.

Inbound migration, which is an indicator of students coming to the country for studies has shown an increasing trend, demonstrative of acceptance of UAE as an attractive and affordable destination for students. Education opportunities are being added to help students gain knowledge and skills and learn from business leaders as the number of students seeking diverse experiences and cultures grows in the region.

5 reasons that make MBA at Westford– The best experience ever!

  1. A Global Community – UAE is a melting pot of culture; it epitomizes the best version of globalization. International universities from several countries have campuses in the UAE which offer options for students to start studying in UAE with an option to join the main campus in their home country. Dubai Knowledge Park and International Academic City are home to international campuses such as New York Institute of Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology, Canadian University Dubai, Heriot-Watt University, Middlesex University, Swiss École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Institute of Management Technology, Islamic Azad University, and several other providers.
  2. Affordability and Accessibility – In the UAE one can afford to experience luxury and not have money. Students have the option to study in UAE Public universities or at affiliate colleges having tie-ups with notable European or other international universities to plan a study program at a very affordable fee.
  3. International Collaboration – The biggest and most advanced companies in the world have their presence in the UAE. Similarly, affiliate colleges of renowned international universities provide an opportunity for international students to access high-quality education as in European campuses affordably and being closer to their homes.
  4. Community of Learners and Leaders –In just over 49 years the UAE has seen immaculate growth and success in terms of growth in higher education. Degree-seekers from abroad account for 49% of total students at the higher education level. As per UNESCO, Indians make up 17% of all international students followed by Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Oman, and Pakistan.
  5. Student-centric government policies – The government of UAE offers generous student visa policies and foreign students have been allowed to work part-time for designated employers. In 2018, the government extended residency visas for foreign university graduates to five-year while exceptional talented students may be eligible for a 10-year residency also known as a Golden visa. Universities and government institutions also offer a variety of scholarships for international students.

Career opportunities in Dubai after MBA:

The country provides job possibilities and prospects for students and professionals who think big and want to pursue their options. As a result of sustained growth in the non-oil sector, employment opportunities for highly skilled workers have emerged, making the UAE an attractive study destination for students from all over the world.

An MBA at Westford University College:

Westford University College is a well-reputed transnational educational partner of leading international Universities, delivering quality education since 2008. The prestigious institution offers, flexible and affordable, postgraduate, undergraduate, doctorate, and vocational programs that carry significant value and credibility around the world. The Westford experience is backed by 5,000+ Students, and 3,000+ Global Students, representing 130 Nationalities, 32+ Courses, 16+ Academic Partners and 10+ Years of Market presence. A future full of possibilities is what a student can foresee by doing an MBA Program at Westford University College.

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