There are some learning journeys that a university dreams to offer, and we at Westford strive to provide access to invaluable experiences that strengthen our students on their way to becoming successful in their chosen professions. It’s a fact that 88% of company directors believe skills such as communication, organization and commercial awareness are just as important and, in some cases, more important than the academic knowledge and skills associated with a graduate’s qualification. To help tackle this knowledge gap for our students and to help improve their success as they graduate and enter the workforce, we have launched the ‘Westford Mentorship Program’.

The program is a unique fusion of connecting Westford’s current bachelors’ students as mentees to Westford ‘s MBA Alumni’s’ as mentors. It’s a platform to bring together the powerhouse of Westford’s resources – ‘our students’!

The program was launched on Wednesday, 13th April 2022 at Pullman, Deira. It was attended by our 30 mentees and mentors from varied industry background. It was an exclusive event, where students got to connect with the mentors and vice versa. The mentors showed such great enthusiasm in engaging with the mentees and this event alone set a high benchmark on what to expect in the future from both the mentor and mentee relationship.

Hanil Das, Co Founder and CEO of Westford University College, states, “Westford Mentorship Program is a reciprocal learning opportunity between our MBA alumni currently in leadership roles in the industry and our day scholars who are pursuing their bachelors degree. This program will allow the mentees to be coached by the mentor’s, who will share their professional experience, knowledge and skills with the mentees to help them to achieve their career ambitions”

The event opened doors to a realm of opportunities for both mentors and mentees in terms of leadership, and learning. The program is designed to have 6 one to one meetings in 6 months. Through this initiative westford aims to create an empowering platform to engage, connect, grow, and network.