Certified Team Leader (CMI, UK)

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A Professional Program to Enhance Our Student’s Team Building and Leadership Skills

With the Certified Team Leader [CTL] Professional Program in association with the Chartered Management Institute, UK [CMI], we at Westford aid students in transitioning from being independent workers to being effective team players. This program was hence ideal for aspiring team leaders looking to develop their team leading, problem-solving, and decision-making skills and knowledge.

Across a period of 5 weeks, we encouraged the students to identify the difference between management skills and leadership competencies, to take responsibility for getting work done in teams, to communicate effectively in writing as well as verbally, to plan short- and long-term goals, define work objectives and delegate effectively.

In the first week, the module introduction to Managerial Roles was conducted by Mr. John Gilbert, HR Faculty at Westford along with Mr. Leo Obra who is an HR Leader and Specialist with strong consultancy, teaching, and training experience, and with Mr. John, course leader in Media, Culture and Communication at Westford. Together as a team, they ensured our students have a hands-on experience of managing a team. Using relevant theories as a framework, the faculties put together a set of games ranging from Ball Games, Helium Stick, Blindfold Games, Quizzes, Presentations, etc. – all helping them hone their leadership and team management skills. To ace these games, the students were required to communicate within their teams effectively, learn how to take instructions from their designated leaders, and be watchful of their competitors – hence giving them a real-world and competitive scenario of the business environment.

The second week of the program was organized by Ms. Ashima Keluskar, Faculty at Westford. To upskill their problem-solving and decision-making skills, she elegantly guided the students through the process of constructing a Customer Journey Map. They began by virtually meeting Mr. Sahar Salim, a Students Service Officer at Westford, who played the role of a customer, in this scenario. Students interacted with him to understand his problem as a customer, and hence began their mission of identifying solutions to cater to his problem. Towards, the end of day 3 during the week, they managed to put together an intricate business plan for a Café designed for Introverts.

Mr. Tausif Mulla, a faculty at Westford guided the students in understanding the Value Chain in the third week of the session. Using the Logseq Application, he encouraged a jamming session to solve multiple case studies. The students were also presented with building blocks in the next session and instructed to create something innovative which could be marketed to a customer.

With two more weeks to go before the session ends, the students are already thrilled and excited about what is yet to come.

After months of online classes in the pandemic, Westford came up with this onsite program to get us back on our feet and fill us with energy. Personally, the Certified Team Leader program has been like a fresh start filled with enthusiasm and excitement. We start our days with an amazing discussion about management, leadership, problem-solving, team building and end it with creative and fun activities that make us implement our learning into real-life scenarios. It has been a great experience to meet our professors and industry specialist as well as hear about their learning experiences. I would like to thank Westford and CMI to provide us with this amazing program and awaken the leaders within us.

– Banmeet Rooprai Kaur

BA (Hons) in Business with International Business

The certified team leader programme has helped me to identify different management skills and leadership aptitudes. The programme was packed with exciting and engaging activities which helped every individual to outperform their managerial skills and showcase their talents in becoming effective leaders. The modules of this programme have helped me in becoming a better team leader and enhanced my problem-solving, decision-making, and time management skills. This is an ideal programme for those individuals who are working towards being aspiring leaders. I would like to thank Westford University College for offering this course and a chance for me to attend this programme.

– Hrithik Divakaran

BA (Hons) in Business with International Business

I feel very happy taking part in the Certified Team Leader (CTL) program which was offered to me in association with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). It helped me explore various leadership skills that are necessary to develop before getting into the professional world. As a participant in this program, I learned about various business models and was involved in many activities that encouraged me to be a vital team player as well as take the role of a leader to get tasks done in a coordinated and organized manner. These training sessions were not just theory-based, but also involved fun activities that made the entire experience amazing. I am now able to identify opportunities to develop my management and leadership skills that are necessary for developing my professional career. I recently completed my top-up with LJMU, and this program is exactly what I needed before I graduate.

– Aaron Jesuren Wilson

BA (Hons) in Business with International Business

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