Choosing a Research Topic for Master’s Thesis: Simplifying the Academic Journey

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Choosing a right topic of research is the most vital decision of an academic journey. Writing an academic document requires a significantly different set of skills and inclination. The right approach and dedication to produce a contemporary relevant piece of research is the most challenging aspect of successful MBA program (Bloomberg & Volpe, 2008).

While the students today juggle between personal and professional life, the necessity to upgrade their education coax them to pursue higher education. Such is the evidence from the changing scenario across the world. Hence, the industry orientation blended with the academic aptitude contributes significantly to the decision for choosing the research topic (Brubaker & Thomas, 2008). The few recommendations below can go a long way for the MBA students to explore a viable topic for research while pursuing their Master’s degree.

Interesting to research: A good thesis should be able to display a balance of current knowledge explored with a challenging assignment and blended with your area of interest. The mix of three factors becomes a foundation for defining a strengthened research work. Thus, your dissertation title should be able to reflect the contemporary world. The information deduced should be aimed to be applied across the practice. An interdisciplinary topic will not only be informative but will provide an interesting foresight to the existing body of knowledge.

Scope: It is significant to understand the boundaries of your research. After exploring the area of interest, the next important step is to narrow the subject to the researchable topic. It is imperative to take note of the research questions that the dissertation will aim to answer. This shall not only narrow the research but also will a give a defined flow to the study. As it is said, “Extreme of anything is bad”, hence a too narrowed or a broad topic shall be difficult to research and eventually will degrade the content of the study.

Extension of existing knowledge: While you are trying to balance your different facets of life, it is important to utilize your current experience as well to boil down to a research topic. Exploring anything new is exciting, however, utilizing the existing skills and expertise helps produce good research work. This further opens the door for varied areas of research.

Consider the paucity of time: The purpose of utilizing your knowledge and experience in deciding a research topic is to decide an achievable research topic. The time to complete a dissertation in Master’s Degree is limited and hence, the clause catering to the paucity of time is extremely significant.

The most important aspect is to keep you highly motivated in the journey. The role of a supervisor is as well crucial to keep you going. Thus, a good and effective topic is one which can be presented with strong arguments well relevant to the contemporary practice.

Above all, keep the excitement always on!

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