Contemporary Issues in the Marketing Department

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The activities in the marketing department always undergo change because of the penetration of internet in every corner of the world. Getting customers through the internet is possible for most business through the internet in a cheaper way.

Focus on Quality
Establishing a brand is not about increasing the number of customers online and offline. The quality of customers is more important than the quantity of customers. Those customers who like your brand and believe in your brand are more important than those who just want to utilise your business. The role of marketers is to create compelling content and media that engage the customers and them loyal to the brand.

Combination of Media
There are some companies who still focus on the traditional way of marketing while there are some marketers who deliver products and services only through a digital form. Only those marketers who use a combination of traditional marketing and digital marketing to reach the customers who are targeted will achieve positive results. The age group and the products marketing are related to each other as younger generation prefer digital media.

Locations Priority
targeting people who are near the business locations is effective in getting more customers. While there might be confused about how much budget should be allocated with regards to the location-based marketing people will prefer a business that is nearby. The success of location-based marketing is also crucial for small business.

Reputation Tracking
The internet has its positive and negative side and a negative review can harm the reputation of a business. As far as marketers are concerned the reputation of the brand should be monitored along various social media and forums. Responding to negative reviews and creating more positive reviews online and offline is also beneficial for the brand.

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