Customer Driven Marketing Strategy Elements

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There is rule in Business – ‘Do what your Customer Likes and you would Stay Longer’ . Now that informs a global phenomenon, of how many companies regardless of size and nature of business are aiming to shape their culture & business models towards driving a customer-centric approach as marketing strategies are stitched to serve and understand the evolving needs and changing preferences of customers.

There are number of studies which prove how customer centric organizations are driven to perform in a hyper competitive environment globally while ensuring that the customer always remains at the heart of all their organization policies. This leads to blending traditional approaches and digital experiences when recognizing the power of customer-centricity by focusing on –

  •  Customer Enabled Leadership
  •  Understanding & Defining Customer Segmentation
  •  Designing the Experience
  •  Empowering the Front Line
  •  Defining Performance Metrics
  •  Driving Continuous Improvement through Learning & Feedback.

While the message is clear, transforming ‘mindsets’ across the length and breadth of the organization to integrate the same passion across teams which are non-customer facing too is always challenging. So, whether it’s launching a new product, or being data-driven or battling tough economic and business slowdown, all successful organizations and start-ups who are now ‘unicorns’ followed a collaborative and agile strategy for building sufficient awareness by ‘putting themselves in the shoes of the customer’.

  1. Ears to the ground approach – Some of the gloriously successful organizations have their CEO’s spend some days within each year at a customer service center or at a retail outlet, which allows them to review products, listen to customers, while serving & understanding their needs. The result is each employee has a customer perception at the heart of their conversation and business plans, which drives the organization towards becoming customer-centric and quality focused.
  2. Leader must be customer obsessed – Most CEO’s inspire teams by constantly reminding them of the most important member of the organization – ‘the customer’, which is something Jeff Bezos at practiced by leaving an ‘empty chair in the room’ and then motivating his team to conduct decisions keeping the best interest of the customer in all strategies, web-designs and product launches.
  3. Customer driven Innovative practice- Organizations that wish to maximize market-share, seek growth and enhance profits, must focus on all innovations to benefit the way a customer feels about the entire experience when building and nurturing relationships,  and should be backed with a culture that believes in enhancing customer value.
  4. Customer Relationship Management – Successful companies quickly understand the critical of installing a CRM which offers insights related to customers preferences, interests, by developing future products and services or identifying partnerships that would fulfill customer requirements as it offers a 360° perspective, which makes perfect business sense, to create clear strategies, as studies conducted inform how organizations can grow their profits by 60% on a y-o-y basis using this software.

Finally –  Customers only care about ‘Value’ and how they can benefit from using those solutions , services’  as opposed to ‘Products’.

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