Customer Service and Third Party Logistics in Supply Chain Management

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Some business organizations assign logistics to third parties because of the reason that their business functions are different than others. Supply Chain Management companies can perform better than in-house operating companies in transportation and warehousing activities. When the quality of service is more from the professionally managed logistics concerns the satisfaction among customers also will be more.

Some companies find it difficult to organize the logistics management operations due to its complex nature and the stream of action different from their business. Most of the third party logistics companies are specialized in transportation warehouse and inventory management. As the third party logistics management companies can concentrate on their business the business concerns doing other operations can focus on their line of operations.

Compared to business organizations having in-house logistics department third-party logistics companies can handle inventory more efficiently, track and deliver them at the required time in an effective way. Storing the inventory at the manufacturing facility usually wastes storage space and will eventually become a matter of concern for production units. However, in the case of third-party logistics management companies, more customer satisfaction can be guaranteed with efficiency in operations.

Another advantage of choosing third-party logistics is the flexibility of operations which will be far more superior than in-house logistics. Delivering products within short time frames will be easier in the case of third-party logistics service providers. This can help in increasing customer satisfaction levels which will give boosting business image.

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