Demand for Sports Management MBA

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With the sports business becoming increasingly popular, with long rewarding career opportunities, the MBA in Sports Management from Girne American University is designed to provide a global outlook in all the key areas of sport. The program combines coursework, practical experiences, and research to facilitate leaders in the prospering,  global sports industry. The sporting industry stands at a worth of $150 billion, attracting professionals from multicultural backgrounds, and a wide range of occupations. A degree in sports management opens up multiple doors for those looking to switch gears into the global sports industry.

As the demand for sports professionals has been on a constant rise, the requirement for professionals to acquire sport-specific skills is mandatory. The basis of sport is on vital social, educational, and cultural values. It is the combination of involvement, integration, acceptance of differentiation, tolerance, and fulfillment of rules. In 1999, the Helsinki Report on Sport of the Commission of the European Communities stated that “Sport is one of the areas of activity that most concerns and brings together the citizens of the EU, irrespective of age and social origin.” This is the same for citizens from across the globe. A product unique in itself, with its intangibility aspect being the sole characteristic to set it apart from all other industries in the business world.

A Career in Sport?

The FICCI – International Institute of Sports Management knowledge report, claims that there would be a notable increase in the number of job opportunities in the sports industry by 2022. Multiple functional roles would be the requirement for most sporting organizations across the various sports:

  • Sports Marketing
  • Sport Analyst
  • Sports Sponsorship Advisor / Manager
  • Sports Media and Communication (Press and Media)
  • Sports Facility Management
  • Sport Finance
  • Sport Event and Operations Management
  • Sport Consultant

The above requires the development of a focused skill set, due to globalization of the sports business, keeping in mind the economic and commercial factors, and the changing distribution platforms in the delivery of the sport by itself and the products supporting the game.

Sport has now become a discipline of great interest to interested professionals for career advancements, but also to spectators, who constantly want to be involved in the game they love!

MBA in Sports Management offered at Westford University College in partnership with the Girne American University, gets those geared up, who want to take up a leadership role within the growing sports industry. All key business areas in sports are covered over the period of the course, with a research project allowing students to further explore the boundaries in the industry. Whether you are an athlete (or not), a business professional working in local sports clubs, or in the sporting goods industry, as well as the non-profit organizations in the sport. An MBA in sports management is the perfect choice to rocket speed your career. With flexible learning at affordable rates, WUC would be your precise pick. Get in touch with us today, for more information!


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