Difference in Culture and its effect on Business Communication

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In the world of business, communication is an essential skill for the success of an organization. It is essential for people to know about the difference in culture for overcoming the barriers of communication to make the organizational an open place. Due to cultural differences, many companies loose customers in the initial stages due to the poor communication with clients.

While doing business in another country it is essential to know about the cultural differences that may arise. Usual communication problems coming up are mostly related to a custom of the place mannerisms of people from that place and gestures people use during communication. Care should be taken to make the words body language and actions do not hurt the feelings of the person being met. If the marketing professional knows about the customs it will become easy for him to impress the customer from the foreign country.

In some countries, it is natural to speak in loud voice whereas in some part of the world it is offensive. Participating actively and passively in debates is depended on the locations and it is essential to know about the language barriers for the successful communication.

During the advertising phase in marketing also it should be noted that the language used does not offend the feelings of people. Due to the degree of variance in views and ideologies in different cultures, people analyze products differently.

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