Differentiation between Business Administration and Business Management

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It is essential for an organization to define the different functions of the job inside a company as clearly as possible. Setting clear objectives inside an organization is essential for proper management of employees and company. even though it may seem that administrating and managing the company is similar there are several differences between it.

Business administration generally involves carrying out the tasks assigned by the management. Through Business administration the work is properly done inside the company. People who manage the administrative department should oversee the accounting problems that may arise during the functioning. The communication between the people inside and outside the company is being handled by administrative department of the company.

Business Management is more concentrated in the decision-making process. It is the duty of business management team to oversee the operations that may be occurring during the expansion of the business. The business management team will be having a vision for the business and will see the big picture of how the business runs. Controlling the number of employees and monitoring the profit and loss is also part of the business management team.

Business administrators usually take orders from the top and do analysis and implement them on getting approval. Business administrative professionals are trained to manage the functions of the organization effectively in a timely manner. In the case of business management professionals, it is their leadership that makes them different.

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