Dubai has Positioned Itself as the Regional Hub for Fashion Designers and Stylists

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It takes some of the most passionate and driven designers on the planet, a new vision of how clothes can bring meaning to life, and an established industry structure to build a global fashion hub. The fashion industry sees the Middle East as the next big thing, and Dubai is its fashion capital. Due to the prominent presence of major global brands and some of the biggest fashion events that take place throughout the year, Dubai has emerged as a regional hub for fashion designers. Its status as the fashion capital of the region is largely thanks to its state-of-the-art design studios, art and design festivals, famous design schools and a thriving local market.  

There are a lot of fashion brands paying attention to Dubai and global fashionistas frequently visit the city for the retail choices available here. It is almost on par with markets like the UK and Europe. Dubai’s multicultural mix plays a big role in its boom, and its ‘glocal’ philosophy is what makes it so unique. 
Over 350 million Arabs live in the region, and more than half are under the age of 26. The younger generation buys online a lot, and some of the most well-known fashion companies can invest in this market. Historically, the Middle East has had a strong luxury goods market, with large malls and growing digital opportunities making fashion more accessible. It is likely that more fashion courses and institutions will be needed in the UAE as the fashion industry grows. MENA organisations anticipate at least a 20 per cent annual increase in their designer headcount over the next three years, according to the Dubai Design & Fashion Council report. For fashion students wanting to break into the industry, this is an incredible opportunity.

There is a strong demand for fashion in the UAE, as the country’s fashion retail market is worth $12.3 billion. Almost all high-street and designer brands are represented in the retail market, which is highly saturated. As a result of high demand, global magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar are now making their presence felt in the publishing landscape.

Launched in the year 2014, Arab Fashion Week is Dubai’s flagship biannual showcase of all that is luxury and fashionable. Dubai Design District, a hub for fashion and design professionals, was opened in 2015 to further enhance the city’s creative platform. Authenticity is maintained by local designers who combine Western influence with local influence without compromising creativity. They are inspired by global trends but create a style that is unique to them. 

A number of leading e-commerce platforms have opened floodgates of fashion options for consumers in the region, including Shein, Sivvi, Outnet, Ounass, Farfetch, Bloomingdales, Namshi and others.  

As Dubai continues to shape the region’s industry landscape and showcase Arab designs to the world, it is clear that it has successfully positioned itself as the hub for fashion in the Arab world.  

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