Energy Mapping: The New Success Formula

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Westford University College in partnership with Adam Global organized its second WEConnect event. The college warmly welcomed Ms. Pooja Srivastav, Chief Energising Officer at Shreem International Consultancy.  Ms. Pooja is a successful entrepreneur and an expert in geopathic stress relief and has guided many organizations in the UAE in achieving their true potential.

The second session of Weconnect was organized by our extremely diligent BABM and MBA students. The success of the event can be attributed to their exceptional planning event management skills. The inspirational talk by the CEO enlightened the whole ambience with pure knowledge by bringing the audience closer to nature. She highlighted the essence of little activities in daily life which can contribute significantly to a healthier and successful being.‘Staying closer to nature improves the energy level’, was an important antidote given by her while reflecting the stressful living conditions in this fast-moving world.

Westfordians also had an opportunity to test their interview skills by hosting a talk show post the event. Ms. Pooja warmly expressed her opinion on all the questions put forward by the students.

Bachelor’s Administration in Business Management and MBA students expressed their delight in exploring this new segment of knowledge. Aeron, a student from the new HND batch expressed, “Truly it was a wonderful experience! It felt great knowing that I am a part of something that is growing exponentially (WeConnect). Being on stage is something I have never done before, yet I felt comfortable on it because of Ms. Pooja and her fellow colleagues’ calming presence and the engaging crowd. Her talk about chakras did spark an interest in me.” The event not only left the students with high energies, but this new facet of Geopathy was appreciated by the Westford faculty members as well. Prof. Zawahir Siddique, Associate Dean at Westford, expressed that “The session by Ms. Pooja on Geopathic stress and its impact on health and well-being was extremely insightful.”

The Weconnect initiative has bridged the industry-academia gap and added a new vigour among the faculties and students. The glorious launch last month was followed by yet another successful chapter, much to our delight. The event concluded with a lot of enthusiasm and curiosities for the future.

With this achievement, Westfordians are all ready to host the next show!

Written by: Dr Arpita Mehrotra

Online MBA

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