Executive MBA Degree and Salary Increase in 2016

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A recent study conducted on the increase in salary for executive MBA degree graduates showed an upward trend by 16% at the end of the course. Various factors contributed to the learning experience of executive MBA professionals were surveyed during the process. The average salary for an executive MBA graduate was $150000 in 2014 compared to 140000 in 2013. The bonus package also increased by a considerable margin at the end of the course.

The primary reason for conducting the survey was for tracking the opinions and judgement for measuring the return of investment of doing Executive MBA. The responsibilities assigned on completion of executive MBA degree increased from 51% to 53% during the year 2014. The promotion received also showed an increased trend from 38% to 41% in the year 2014.

Achieving Executive MBA helps students to gain extra management skills and increase leadership abilities which ultimately add value to the organizations. The impact executive MBA professionals make on organizations can directly be read from the Return Of Investment statistics.

The students who complete the MBA degree also helps as alumina and refers the program to friends and support the program among their networks. The major factors that contributed to the qualities gained by the students include the duration of the course, compatibility of work schedule, size of the class and reputation of the business school.

Executive MBA Dubai

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