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In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the challenge of distinguishing authenticity from simulation has become increasingly paramount. The International Student Research Conference (ISRC) held in December 2023, as a collaborative effort between Westford University College, UAE, and Universidad Catholica de Murcia (UCAM), Spain, emerged as a global hub for unravelling the complexities of identifying real entities in a digital environment.

Global Collaboration and Academic Diversity:

The core of ISRC 2023 was formed by research articles contributed by students and scholars from diverse academic backgrounds, including PhD, DBA, MBA, and Engineering programs from esteemed institutions worldwide. Supervised by faculty mentors who served as co-authors, these contributions showcased a fusion of academic rigour and collaborative mentorship. The conference received an overwhelming response with abstract submissions pouring in from nations spanning a global tapestry.


The conference immersed participants in dialogues surrounding the fundamental essence of ‘Authenticity in the Digital Age.’

  • Deepfakes and their Implications
  • Security and Privacy
  • Digital Identities
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Psychological and Societal Impact
  • Future Perspectives

Discussions ventured into the impact of digital entities on truth perception, ethical considerations, regulatory frameworks, challenges, and safeguards against digital impersonation and manipulation, as well as the psychological and societal impacts of the digitized landscape.

Comprehensive Framework and Panel Tracks:

The two-day ISRC 2023 featured 120 abstract submissions and 84 full papers, culminating in 51 comprehensive presentations spread across four theme panel tracks:

  • Mindful Realities
  • Integrated Horizons
  • Tech Fusion
  • Frontiers of Enterprise

These tracks provided a comprehensive framework for dissecting the multifaceted aspects of deciphering reality in a digital sphere.

Global Academic Camaraderie:

As an online event, ISRC 2023 transcended physical barriers, welcoming attendees from around the globe. The diverse cultural backgrounds and academic disciplines of the participants enriched discussions and presentations, fostering a global dialogue on the complexities of authenticating entities in the digital realm. The collaborative nature of the conference was underscored by the joint authorship between students and faculty mentors, facilitating a mentorship model that enriched the depth and quality of the research presented.

Awards and Recognition:

The leadership and organizing chairs of ISRC 2023 honoured outstanding contributions by awarding Best Paper and Best Presenter accolades within each theme track. Recognizing scholarly excellence, the Best Paper awardees in each theme track were rewarded with a cash prize of 500 USD, incentivizing, and acknowledging their remarkable research contributions.

Legacy and Future Endeavours:

ISRC 2023, a collaborative endeavour between Westford University College, UAE, and UCAM, Spain, stood as a testament to the power of global academic collaboration. Its legacy embodies the spirit of scholarly excellence, mentorship, and international cooperation in navigating the complexities of digital authenticity. The varied cultural and academic backgrounds of the contributors cultivated a mosaic of perspectives and methodologies in deciphering real entities within the digital realm. This convergence of global insights laid the foundation for comprehensive discussions and innovative approaches to addressing the complexities of digital authenticity.

As the first edition of ISRC concluded successfully, it sets the stage for the second edition – ISRC 2024, promising a challenging contemporary theme.

Stay connected with Westford University College on their social media platforms for updates and insights from this dynamic platform that continues to shape the discourse around authenticating entities in the ever-evolving digital realm.

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