Four Brothers Graduation: An Incredible story of four young siblings graduating from the same University and College

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Oprah Winfrey Said, “The Biggest adventure you can take is to, live the life of your dreams”, and it was a dream come true for four siblings of the Salim Kazi family.

While graduation is a proud moment for any student, four young boys had a particularly special one. These siblings from the same family all donned graduation robes and received their college degrees from the same college and University in 2016 and 2018. They were siblings first and college mates next. Saad and Salman the twins are 26, Saif is 23 and Sahar is 22 years old.

Saad and Salman enrolled for the University of Wolverhampton MBA at Westford University College in 2013, they inspired their younger brother Saif to join the University of Wolverhampton BABM at the same institute in the same year. Seeing all the 3 brothers studying for their degrees together, the youngest brother Sahar was inspired to follow in their footsteps too.

Sahar says, “I trusted my brothers choice of the university and blindly joined without thinking much, and today looking back I feel it was the best decision I made. The entire journey has been a wonderful learning experience and a great development phase for all four of us. To be taught by the same professors at Westford University College, that taught my elder siblings and to graduate from the same university as theirs is a moment worth reliving. From sharing assignment tips to motivating each other to perform better academically and checking our grades has been truly remarkable. As I write this, not only am I a graduate but also someone who holds First Class honours degree. To achieve this is an outstanding achievement for me which I’ll hold onto as I step into the next phase of my life”.

Saad and Salman thought, doing an MBA with a full-time job would be a challenge. But the way the program is designed, it was easy to merge our studies and work life. Some 10 assignments, many research and a thesis later, holding our MBA degree in our hand, we are happy and proud of our selves that we took that big step towards MBA and now this degree has made all the difference in our lives.

Saif says, what attracted me towards Wolverhampton BABM is that there were no exams, we only had practical real-life assignments. Hence, we were evaluated based on our skill to do research and not our capacity to remember. This made a huge difference for me.

Today these 4 brothers are excelling in their respective careers as Project Controller, Finance Management, Insurance and Purchasing Coordinator.

These boys have made their graduation journey a special one for us at Westford University College too. It is definitely a movement of pride to be a part of their graduation story.

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