Graduates of Liverpool John Moores University at La Réussite 2023

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Liverpool John Moores University
On the morning of 18 March 2023, Saturday, Westford students graduating with their bachelor’s degrees from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) walked in through the gates of Madinat Jumeirah, UAE. This was not your usual Saturday morning shenanigan. The students, accompanied by their friends and family members, were there to celebrate the success of the graduating students at La La Réussite– Westford Felicitation Ceremony 2023.
More than 80 students walked up to the stage to receive their congratulatory testamurs and over a hundred loved ones applauded the graduating students. These testamurs and special mementoes were awarded to the students by the honourable representatives of LJMU-Dr. Julia Wang, Director of International Relations, and Dr. Emma Roberts, Associate Dean Global Engagement and Faculty of Arts, Professional and Social Sciences.
The ceremony was opened by Mr Hanil Das, Co-founder, and CEO of Westford University College. He expressed his pride and faith in the future of the students. Addressing the graduates, he said

“The challenges you faced during your academic journey have prepared you well for the real world. Success is not just about achieving personal goals; it's about making a positive impact on the world around you. I encourage you to use your education and experiences to become leaders who inspire change and create a better future for all."

The event featured live music, a formal procession, followed by speeches from delegates of Westford Education Group and Liverpool John Moores University, the release of Westford’s annual book – Westford Rewind, a testamur distribution ceremony, as well as an awards distribution ceremony recognising the Valedictorian and the Student Leader of the Year 2022.
The Student Leader of The Year, Lydiah Ann Adoyo Ogutu walked up to the stage with utter surprise and tears in her eyes. She was awarded for her exceptional contribution and participation in her class. Followed by this proud moment was the announcement of the Valedictorian and the LJMU graduate, Nêhal Anesh Jayantilal Soni, who has not only showcased outstanding calibre in academia but also public speaking, having represented Westford in various competitions. In his valedictorian speech, he congratulated and encouraged his fellow batchmates to continue forth towards progress.
Following the ceremony was a buffet and students received the opportunity to get photographs clicked donning their graduation robes and hats, with a scenic backdrop of Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah. The new graduates mingled with their classmates and received an opportunity to network with the representative of LJMU. They took their time to savour this special moment that will forever be etched into their memories as one of the most prominent highlights of each of their lives.
Liverpool John Moores University has been one of Westford’s oldest and strongest partners in the institution’s 14+ years of a journey dedicated to delivering exceptional education. Such partners have made it possible for Westford to follow through with its mission of building a community of learners and leaders. From over 13,000 alumni that have graduated from Westford, so far, over 5,000 students pursued a degree course that was offered by LJMU. Westford looks forward to shaping more futures with this unique and ever-growing partnership.
Dr. Julia Wang, Director of International Relations shared a message of inspiration with the graduating students

“You are members of the faculty of Business and Law. The world of business is changing rapidly. However, thanks to your exceptional course and the team of expert academics whom you’ve been working with, we know that our graduates have the knowledge, the skills and the confidence to tackle the challenges of today’s international workplace.”

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