Graduates of UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia at La Reussite- 2023

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UCAM MBA Programs

Westford University College (WUC) has established itself as a trailblazer in providing top-notch business education throughout the GCC region. In partnership with UCAM, Spain, WUC offers an extensive range of programs, including the highly coveted Master of Business Administration (MBA) across 12 specializations, as well as the esteemed Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). These programs are tailored to the needs of working executives who strive to achieve a fulfilling career while balancing work and study.

Recently, Westford University College celebrated the tremendous achievements of all UCAM graduates on March 18, 2023, with a grand felicitation ceremony called La Reussite, held at the prestigious Mina Al Salam, Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, UAE. The ceremony commenced with a splendid procession led by distinguished delegates from UCAM, including Mr. Jose Luis Mendoza García, Mr. Samuel Mendoza García, Dr. Gonzalo Wandosell Fernández de Bobadilla, and Mr. Ernesto García Rodríguez, followed by the esteemed management and program leaders of WUC.

During this momentous event, all awardees received their “Testamur,” with special mention and applause given to the “Distinction Holders.” Over the course of two events held on the same day, 180+ graduates from MBA, Executive MBA, MPhil, and DBA programs attended the event and celebrated their success.

Furthermore, awards were presented to exceptional students in recognition of their outstanding work, including Verna Ndongeni, who received the “Best Dissertation- Master of Business Administration” award, and Tracey Rodrigues, who received the “Best Performer Postgraduate Extended Diploma in Business – CIQ” award. The most distinguished honor, the “Valedictorian” award for the Master of Business Administration, was bestowed upon Ms. Tess Pereira, Ahmad Ibraheem Ahmad Shraway Al-Ghamdi received the “Valedictorian” award for MPhil, and Fazela Sahib-Smith was honored with the “Valedictorian” award for DBA.

Participating in the UCAM program is an unparalleled experience that fosters strong bonds, positive energy, and creative ideas, leading to team debates, solid partnerships, and new business ventures. Learners gain contemporary management skills, as well as essential soft skills like leadership, communication, and presentation skills, through the successful implementation of online learning pedagogy throughout the program. This highly accomplished batch serves as an exemplary example of how to live case projects, lectures, seminars, and workshops can augment learners’ skills and competencies.

The UCAM team congratulated the awardees with great enthusiasm and vigor, and the day was celebrated and captured forever in the memories of all those who attended. If you aspire to achieve greatness in your career, Westford University College can help you attain your dreams.

Course leader

Dr. Abhijit Ganguly, Program Head- UCAM DBA Program

Our deep commitment to believing in ourselves and to being the best in whatever we do at Westford encourages us to excel with undiluted vision, commitment, and impeccable executions. The spectacular graduation ceremony at Westford University College is a watershed moment and a mega event for all Westfordians. This event has not only celebrated the success of the graduating students but also germinated the aspirations of existing students and future generations. The feelings of students and other participants including dignitaries were filled with happiness and joy as reflected in their recollection of the event with superlative comments. As a Program Head and, member of the Doctorate in Business Administration Team, I take this opportunity to thank members of Team Westford for their tireless efforts with determination to organize the best event under the leadership of our visionary CEO. We also thank our students and all the distinguished guests and dignitaries for their unending support and encouragement in their august presence. Hearty Congratulations, Batch of 2022!

Dr. Liza Macasukit Gernal, Faculty and DBA Course Coordinator

Graduation is not an end but the beginning of your very exciting journey. You have played a variety of roles in society and have created a contribution to the body of knowledge. You have survived the challenges, celebrated the highs, and learned from the lows, but always remember to keep your feet on the ground. Congratulations Dear Graduates!

Dr. Arpita M, Assistant Dean, WUC

It was fulfilling to witness the plethora of emotions from families and faculties on the achievements of our students. The day celebrated their hard work, persistence, and dedication! Moments were captured as a mark of success for the journey of managing multiple tasks, work and studies. Many more milestones to come. “World is your oyster” now, congratulations! We wish them the best in their future endeavours.


UCAM, Spain in partnership with WUC offersa Master of Business Administration (MBA) across 12 specializations and a Doctorate Program. The courses include –

  • MBA in Business Leadership,
  • MBA in Financial Management,
  • MBA in Engineering Management,
  • MBA in Project Management,
  • MBA in Data Analytics,
  • MBA in Sales & Marketing,
  • MBA in International Business,
  • MBA in HR & Organizational Psychology,
  • MBA in Information Technology,
  • MBA in Healthcare Management,
  • MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping & Logistics,
  • MBA in Quality Management
  • Doctorate of Business Administration

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