Hospitality and Tourism Management Executive Diploma from UK

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Driven by the location of being in the economic and geographic crossroads of south-west Asia, the Tourism and Hospitality Industry is poised to grow and contribute in excess of USD 20 billion, roughly above 8.5% of the total GDP of UAE attracting more than 12 million tourists by 2015. The UAE has been named among the top 10 fastest growing tourism hotspots in 2013, according to a new report by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). Now the Big question is where do you see yourself in the Tourism and Hospitality industry?

It is imperative for a Manager who wishes to excel his career in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry to understand the Strategic Planning, Project Planning and implementation of multi-dimensional strategies pertaining to Hospitality Industry. The unit’s contents helps in understanding how to effectively monetize as well as efficiently manage an organization in the Hospitality and Tourism sector.

Hospitality and Tourism Management Program Structure
Modules and Course Contents of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Management and Leadership in Hospitality and Tourism: Introduction to hotel, travel and tourism industry; Nature of hospitality industry; Communication, turnover, demand and Supply; Difference between a leader and a manager in the hospitality industry; Functions, roles, responsibilities of a manager in a hospitality Industry.

Marketing strategies for Hospitality and Tourism: Basics of services marketing; Difference between goods and services; Seven P’s of service marketing; Segmenting, targeting and positioning; Effective sales and marketing techniques within the hospitality and tourism industry; Significance of public relations in services.

Strategic Planning for hospitality and Tourism: Vision, mission, objectives and goals; Strategic intent; Strategic planning process; Framework of strategic planning; Significance and advantages of strategic planning in hospitality and tourism industry; Value chain analysis.

Project Planning and Implementation for Tourism and Hospitality Industry: Process of project planning; Significance and advantages of project planning; Strategic leadership in tourism and hospitality industry; Control techniques; Control process analysis; Follow up; Evaluation strategy.MBA hospital management

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