How a Global MBA can help you accelerate your career prospects

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You feel like you are on the verge of embarking on a new career adventure after completing your Bachelor’s degree program. You may have already begun looking at postgraduate programs. It is possible you are still undecided about the direction your career should take. Most students will inevitably discover MBA programs as a pathway to their professional development sooner or later. In addition to building industry skills to the profile of a recent graduate, an MBA will provide practical, real-world experience during the learning process.

With a specialized global MBA program, you can advance your career faster and achieve these objectives:

  1. Professional development
  2. Growing your career with an MBA, especially for executives looking to boost their profile

Whether you are interested in the world of business or are already in one, we can help you understand how a global MBA can help you accomplish your goals!

What exactly is a global MBA, and what does it entail?

Global MBAs can be completed in 12 to 15 months with on-campus or off-campus programs. It is also known as an Accelerated MBA, an Accelerated Executive MBA, or a Short-Term MBA. MBA programs utilize the term “global” to express how you develop management skills and knowledge that apply to a wide range of enterprises and sectors that are not constrained by geographical borders, ensuring that your qualification is truly international in nature.

As organizations expand beyond regional or territorial limits, executives are required to operate in a multi-cultural, dynamic context, addressing themes such as marketing, sales, strategic planning, finance, and operations. Additionally, a Global MBA may expose you to specific industries such as healthcare, banking, insurance, and logistics. Global MBA programs come in a variety of modalities, including hybrid, online, and on-campus options.

The Skills You Will Develop with a Global MBA:

  • Critical Thinking Skills : Without the ability to make decisions, you cannot lead, and you cannot achieve your goals. The MBA program helps you analyze problems critically, develop solutions, and evaluate your work. It can help you make better decisions and lead more effectively as decision-making is one of the most significant challenges faced by business leaders.
  • Knowledge Of Business Functions : By learning the underlying principles and practices of each business function, you gain a comprehensive overview of their role in an organization. This helps you better understand the challenges and opportunities in your chosen industry. It also enables you to contribute more because you have a better understanding of the organizational and financial challenges.
  • Understanding Global Business Context : As your global MBA track progresses, you learn more about how the global business environment applies to your industry. You learn about culture, economic trends, the rise of technology, the role of entrepreneurship, and management practices in the context of a global business environment.
  • Communication skills: Communication skills are important in your professional career because you will need to interact with external and internal stakeholders. Communication skills are developed through writing and oral presentations, team management, project management, and managing negative stakeholder reactions.

Why Specializations of Global MBA are in demand?

Specialization in a global MBA program allows you to choose the specialties that best align with your interests and career goals. They are increasingly popular because of the benefits they offer to provide access to a diverse range of subjects and industry specialties that are not normally covered in a standard business school education. Students who choose to pursue a global MBA program gain significant benefits by specializing such as

  • MBA in supply chain
  • MBA in healthcare, or
  • MBA in digital marketing to name a few.

Benefits of doing a Global MBA

Those who desire to advance their careers in the shortest amount of time might pursue a global MBA program. The program provides you with a 12- to 15-month opportunity to develop the skills and information required to flourish in your chosen vocation. During this time, you may concentrate on your academics and your day-to-day work.

A Global MBA accelerated program offers students a condensed version of an MBA program within a shorter timeframe, equating to gaining two years of industry experience at a faster pace.

  • Better job prospects: With a global MBA, which covers all aspects of a business, you are more likely to find a job than someone without a degree
  • Increased earning potential: With a global MBA, you can expect to earn a salary that is 5-10% higher than someone with a standard business degree
  • Better job mobility: a Global MBA helps move across industries and locations with much ease as you have trained in a diverse business environment
  • Better networking: You are more likely to meet people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. This will be useful if you plan to start your venture.

How can a Global MBA program help you accelerate your career prospects?

A well-designed global MBA program will include a variety of skills and topics that allow you to make an impact in your chosen industry by learning:

  • different problem-solving processes
  • critical thinking skills
  • knowledge of business functions.

This provides a panoramic understanding of the challenges and opportunities within different industries. You can also expect to learn more about your chosen industry and the role of managers in a global business world. As you progress through your accelerated Global MBA program, you become more specialized as you progress through your career. Specialized training helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop your skills accordingly.

Westford offers MBA in Global Business Administration in partnership with the University of Gloucestershire, UK along with in-demand specializations. To know more you may contact our academic counsellors.

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