How an MBA will give you a breakthrough in your career post COVID-19?

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Covid-19 has identified a variety of recurring weaknesses in the continuing operation of the business world. The lack of training in educating people to make structured decisions, the issue of strategic crisis management strategy, the incompetence of integrating artificial intelligence in the day-to-day operation of a lot of businesses, etc., were some of the key reasons that caused many organizations / companies to fail, to achieve sustainability.

At the individual level, the lack of sufficient opportunities for staff, and also the continuing effectiveness of their own abilities, has often gone unnoticed. Due to this, a lot of people had to bear the brunt of losing their jobs.

In short, while progress has been made, it has been going on slowly. But, Covid-19 emerged as a tipping point, so that people could rattle themselves a little and be aware that progress is going to occur at a breakneck pace. Hence, they need to prepare and brace for the hereafter. But, how are they preparing themselves? Where are they headed? What are the ways to rejuvenate one’s intellectual level and refurbish one’s knowledge?

Westford University College’s MBA program with specializations in Healthcare Management, Shipping, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, HR and Organizational Psychology, International Business (IB), Financial Management, Sales & Marketing, Engineering Management (EM), Project Management and Information Technology (IT) is the solution to all questions and concerns of individuals.
Graduates of Westford University College have consistently, particularly during this Pandemic, outsmarted and endured the crisis by keeping back their jobs, benefiting their companies and their organizations overall.

The degree that an individual earns is not just a document, but a process of studying and training, that will help them advance even during times like these.

An MBA graduate testimonial is a fine example of it.

Vilma Ramos – Tadeja
HR Manager /Quality Assurance Manager in the tourism field

Having completed an MBA in Human Resource Management through Westford University College gave me an extra sense of accomplishment, both in my career and personal life. It made me equipped with a competitive advantage to get better chances for higher roles. It helped me a lot in leveraging my skills and knowledge in setting strategic goals along with the top management in the organization even during this Pandemic, I was able to stand out from my peers and gain the deserved appreciation.
On a personal level, the hard work you put in an MBA journey is priceless. Once you successfully complete it, no one can take it away from you. You gain more respect and recognition, knowing that there is something valuable in you. That’s the gift of education.

Another MBA Graduate said this about our successful course

HR Administrator- Payroll,
I started my MBA program with Westford after three years of bachelor’s degree. Since being part of the Westford program, my understanding of online classes was totally altered. The lectures are quite engaging and improved my level of understanding that I could learn more about the core subjects. The lecturers are the best part of the session. They always find time to answer individually to our questions, to understand each student, and to be directed in a positive way. Another impressive aspect was the LMS system, where we could use registered sessions, discuss tasks, and use sources and documents that helped me a lot. Accessibility of the application made it easy to access in between working hours. The online sessions have been a wonderful experience for me, where I have been able to communicate with several people around the world and the encouragement of the team has helped to improve our connections. The time and commitment of Westford University on-line sessions have brought the best outcomes for me as well as other online students.

Westford University College has always thought 10 years ahead of the time. When everybody spoke about poor online education activities, Westford thought otherwise and connected individuals, connected minds, connected information and received the Forbes Higher Education Prize. Flexible online and offline learning, the constant commitment of professors in each and every student, the international degree from the BEST universities, the networking opportunities with local industry experts and directors, etc., are just some of the many experiences that this MBA program will take you to and also some of the reasons why Westford stands out from many other universities. After Covid-19, businesses would like to see more personal growth and more strengths and expertise than pre-COVID could deliver.

Therefore, if you want to change your life forever and advance, feel free to contact us for the most prestigious life-changing and quality-enhancing degree.

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