How Digital Marketing Has Changed Business

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With summer looming, we all need to get our air conditioners serviced, and one name that comes to mind is ‘Urban Company.’ You can choose from a variety of service experts, including electricians, plumbers, carpenters, personal and beauty solutions, and even Covid tests. This company has made our lives easier by providing all of our everyday needs through the convenience of an application, and this 2014 startup now has a user base of over 5 million households. This is an example of how Digital Marketing has made solutions more accessible to the general public, not to mention the types of enterprises supported by this service conglomerate.

Marketing, a concept that is 30 years old, has evolved to accommodate changing markets and customer preferences over time. The promotion of products or services via electronic media is known as digital marketing.

Digital Marketing, a concept that is 30 years old, has evolved to accommodate changing markets and customer preferences over time. The promotion of products or services via electronic media is known as digital marketing. Companies are looking for smarter methods to alter their consumers’ life and make it easier with available services because people are busier than ever.

Digital Marketing Channels

Many of the digital marketing channels well-known to people are:

New Trends

New digital marketing trends that should be kept in mind as the industry evolves and improves are as follows:

How digital marketing has changed the laws of business


With print marketing becoming increasingly expensive, no significant investments are required to establish a digitally marketed business, as the costs of sending an email, writing a blog post, or posting on social media are insignificant when compared to a traditional brick and mortar business model. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t money to be spent; in fact, the patterns have shifted to website design or online generating ad space, which is more cost-effective in all aspects. More than that, the success of a digital campaign can be measured directly using online tools such as Google Analytics and Klipfolio. Real-time monitoring and data flow ensure that improvements can be made to ensure that ad money is directed to the most effective channels.

Some surprising fact about successful Digital driven companies is that there is no real investment in a traditional brink and mortar setup !!

Allows Instant Communication with Customers

The use of social media and webchat facilities directly allows marketers to engage with customers while selecting a product or with any business questions. It’s the end of long phone calls and the plan to take a half-day to solve your mobile bill problems. Website chatbots enable businesses to stay in touch with customers even during holidays.

Digital Marketing has ‘Humanized Brands’

Businesses are becoming more humanized while dealing with customers, as compared to being represented by an unknown face behind a telecall. Images posted on company websites, or the address made on blogposts include user testimonials that are more connectable to the customer. Social media helps paint a picture of the personality of a business through posts and ways of replying to queries on social media channels.

Evolved a level playing field

The number of small start-ups is proof that the market is no longer just owned by corporate giants. Smaller businesses no longer need bigger budgets to reach their target audience and earning their credibility is also not long drawn and expensive. Intelligent use of social media, online reviews, a professional website, affiliate marketing, and well-phrased blog posts build trust for companies.

Digital Marketing gives you masses

The new marketplace creates masses in shorter periods, digital means can be shared with others quickly and easily. Information, testimonials, new releases, and modifications can be shared with customers and employees quickly and seamlessly. Another note-worthy vehicle is Influencer Marketing where any existing customer can act as an online influencer, or the services of hired influencers can be used to reach millions via their Instagram and YouTube channels.


Digital marketing has emerged as the driving force behind modern marketing, and this trend is only going to strengthen and pave the way for even more exciting things to come. When done correctly, it benefits not only startups but also existing businesses by identifying the right target audience and meeting their needs.

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