How Online Executive MBA is Helpful for Working Professionals in Singapore

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The dynamic business environment today provides abundant opportunities to career professionals in order to strategically use their knowledge and expertise in the workplace. With the aim to cope up with the workload and accelerate the career development, professionals prefer to opt for affordable and effective Executive MBA program with focus on management and business orientation to fulfill the requirements at the workplace. At par with the market requirements, Westford University College (WUC) offers MBA to the working executives with the ease of accessibility and convenience. The degree adds immensely to the diverse talent pool of highly skilled economy of Singapore.

The major difference between Masters in Business Administration and Executive Masters in Business Administration is that EMBA takes just a year for the total course completion. It is understood that some professionals want to earn the degree at the earliest without taking any major break in their career journey. Singapore is renowned for honing the best professionals around the globe. It is the world’s foremost cultural and commercial capital serving as the headquarters for varied diverse workplaces.

In order to keep pace with the industry requirements of Singapore with the accredited degree while having a healthy work life balance, Online Executive MBA Program aims to offer desired qualification to the working professionals. The degree help professionals to develop their leadership acumen, help them in decision making, locate opportunities and also embark a positive change in their journey.

EMBA promises an understanding of management, the technicalities and its functions. Apart from these core industry requirements, degree benefit individuals in developing and maintaining:

  1. Management Skills : There is more to business than just Mathematics and Economics! Leadership is about understanding the working of one’s organization, usage of interpersonal relationships and analysis of various strengths and weaknesses so as to ensure enhanced productivity. It is good to be mathematically/statistically good but interpretation of the numbers with the adequate business understanding is the prerequisite for success today.
  2. Social Network : Diversity of the classroom with learners from across the globe and strong work experience, renders a full-fledged opportunity to network. Social networking has now become a significant platform to increase the visibility to the potential employers. With a diverse classroom, networking for stronger career opportunities during MBA program is a big advantage with Westford University College. The contacts eventually earned during the journey will be of most value to the learners after the degree is acquired.
  3. Specialization : An MBA certificate is a high regarded degree by most of the employers around the globe. The coveted degree demonstrates that an individual possesses employable skills with the technical knowledge of the roles. The rigorous program of the WUC assures the intellectual growth of the learners with option to specialize in varied branches of management such as finance, supply chain & logistics, sales & marketing, human resources, etc.

The Executive MBA stresses the importance of discovering new career options while also offering the opportunities to rise in the career path. The program assists the learners with the diverse options to accelerate ease of visas for settling there.

Added benefits for working professionals in Singapore are – Executive MBA covers work opportunities, internships and social activities. Business workshops are also provided by the Institution in collaboration with the leading organizations. The economy is competitive with adequate opportunities across varied industrial sectors like technology, consulting, financial services to be among the top sectors for post MBA employment. Thus, significantly impacting the salaries and benefits of MBA professionals. The survey below depicts the growing importance:

Salary after MBA


The attractive option of one-year MBA with the contemporary curriculum, inclusive classroom culture and diverse platforms to strengthen the learning experience act as the most viable choice of the professionals. WUC takes pride in conferring the credible accredited MBA with the contemporary specializations and skills, while professionals enjoy all study benefits with their regular job.

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