How to convert a Junior level career to Managerial level ?

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Transforming into a managerial career in an industry doesn’t mean you will need to start from scratch again.

Let’s assume you have found a job, reached a junior level role already, around for at least 2-3 years in an industry, that means it is not unreasonable that you may feel for a desirable change in your career. Arguably, a positive and beneficial move from bottom level to managerial level would benefit workers across various industries. However, what is the right change best-fit for you? Following are some possibilities you may want to consider,

  • Do your job independently: Remember no one is going to put in charge of your job unless you perform independently. Meaning, do a good job at the job you currently have,
  • Do your homework promptly: Spend some time in the work environment to understand what managers do regularly. Spend quality time to read the latest management theories and article to consistently improve your work practices.
  • Develop core-competencies: Work hard to pursue the necessary core skills, constantly improve and polish those to build advantages. This is more critical for Information technology workers due to the nature of the job.
  • Develop people Skills: They say, the hard skills would find you the desired job but it is the soft skills enable you to sustain, thus the importance.
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude in your initiatives: Perception matters a lot, but it changes in regular intervals based on how you act and react.
  • Request for advancement: If you certainly believe if you want to be considered for a managerial position, demonstrates signs to pursue either internally or externally.

Chasing the managerial position can be arguably difficult than what it may seem. It can be achieved both within your company and within your network. Thus, exploring opportunities actively and consistently is the true basis to advance your career movement from junior to managerial level.

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