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We Connect with Mr. Tomaso Rodriguez, CEO of Talabat

The food industry is a rapidly changing industry that faces the challenges of rising globalization, regulation, and competition. Supply chain management is an important part of most organizations, crucial to their success and customer loyalty. It is the efficient management of the end-to-end process from the creation of the product or service to the time when it is distributed, consumed, and disposed of by the customer. Mr. Tomaso Rodriguez, CEO of Talabat, shared with us through our We connect webinar, the value of resilience to strategize the growth of organizations in difficult times, and how to thrive on change.

Rodriguez is a seasoned professional with a global record of running and maintaining online distribution networks. During the conversation, he stressed the uncertainty of the economy and the market that causes pressure on the organization and how leaders, such as him, are responsible for leading the way through change and innovation. He emphasized how leaders need to step up and be able to prioritize the relationship between the company and its environment, in particular the disruptive changes that COVID-19 has brought to the world.  For Talabat, its Supply Chain Management (SCM) has escalated as a result of global competition, emerging markets, and challenging times, as well as major developments in information and communication technology that enable a more efficient sharing of vast quantities of data to ensure end-to-end transparency and visibility. The key focus of Mr. Rodriguez is the establishment of new strategic partnerships and the consolidation of the company as the leading online food ordering company by expanding into new offline-to-online ventures.

He shared with us his journey, insights, and experiences that enriched the minds of aspiring entrepreneurs and executives. He points out that Talabat is, and will always be a customer-centric company and that its mission is to help people and communities enjoy moments that matter through technology, beginning with an integrated food delivery service that puts people’s happiness and satisfaction at the core of it. Tomaso emphasized the importance of the transition from e-commerce to q-commerce, which has led to success the success of Talabat. For him, being customer-oriented and speed-oriented are two main aspects of sustainability in the food industry. Via a series of engaging polls and an interactive Q and A session, he shared some of the perspectives that they are currently planning for.

This webinar focuses on our management students, as Mr. Rodriguez seems to be focusing on supply chain management and logistics in Talabat, which is driving the food industry to expand. Talabat, with its 5000 SKUS, currently holds a well-respected proposal of 90 percent of consumer demand and plans to push it to 99 percent in the near future. In the interactive session with students, he answered questions from our students about Talabat’s concerns in relation to distribution systems, and he was happy to talk about Talabat ‘s handling of logistics. He explains the sophisticated algorithm that Talabat follows, beginning with the understanding of how close their rider is to the food pick-up, the distance the rider has to cover, and the optimization of the service in terms of customer satisfaction. The food supply chain meets the complex requirements that need to be met within a very time-consuming timeline, so efficient logistics is the key to maximizing the food supply chain, ensuring safer and quicker last-mile delivery, and therefore improved customer satisfaction.

The intent of this webinar was to educate our Master of Business Administration and BA (Hons) students and working professionals with the required challenges and expectations of the supply chain and logistics stakeholders and the overarching business objectives. And the key aim is to be driven every day by your ambition, predict demand challenges, and foresee customer demand patterns.

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