How to select the right college for pursuing an MBA?

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Almost all of us have aspirations to do well in our careers and one major driver in career progression is doing an MBA from a good prestigious institution.  For the working professionals, as well as those pursuing higher education towards their pursuit of gaining knowledge, skills, and competencies, a good MBA course and qualification acts as a lever in enhancing the career ambitions and aspirations of an individual. There are also a number of schools and colleges conducting MBA Courses, but the million dollar question always arises……….’How do I select the right college for pursuing my MBA’? Let us understand some primary basic facts of why do we want to do an MBA Course and how will it develop me as an individual which will help me grow professionally as well as personally.

How to select the best MBA college?

Asking questions to yourself is a very good way to clear one’s mind of fragilities of uncertainties. I always believe that if the problem is known then a solution is always at hand….the problem arises when the problem is not known. So to understand a basic problem of what do I want to pursue, always ask the basic questions pertaining to the Ws and the H. So for example…….

Why do I want to do an MBA?

Where should I do it from?

When can I do it?

What will it comprise of in terms of my schedules and timings?

Who are the faculties, and what is the curriculum like?

Will it help me in my career progression?

Whom should I approach?

How much will it cost?


Once you ask these questions to yourself, you will get the answers, which will clear your mind and get your focus now on to another question which will be…..

‘How do I select the right college for pursuing my MBA’?


Before we seek an answer to this vital question, let us also understand what will be your personal and professional aspirations and motivation to invest your time and money in pursuing an MBA. Each one of us has some inherent talent and passion which we would like to pursue. You may be wanting to be an entrepreneur wanting to set up your own business, or you just want to earn more, or you are aspiring for coveted positions in an organization, or you want a better job which is your dream job, or you want more networking with people, or better job satisfaction, or………the list can carry on based on your aspirations.

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Good knowledge, skills, attitudes, and competencies are required for any enhancement you would like to bring into your life and it’s not only the hard skills which come to the fore here, the softer skills of leadership, communication, team skills, flexibility, adaptability are equally important for you to succeed in the goals set by you. A good MBA course which encompasses and understands the modern industry requirements, as well as the people’s aspirations, blends these aspects together homogenously, to fit the right person in the right job, and helping you to pursue your higher education ambitions in a focused manner. A good MBA course will never compromise on the quality of teaching or its faculties and will give all support by not only imparting coaching skills to its students but also mentoring them for their overall development.


The Return on Investment (ROI) model is important to be applied here too in seeing that if you are investing your time, effort, money and other resources into pursuing an MBA course, then the returns on your investment should be as high as possible. The tangible returns can be measured in terms of the rise in earnings, promotion, influence one may have, but the intangible returns in terms of job satisfaction, motivation, confidence, leadership abilities, etc. may not be easy to measure. But a good solid MBA will always give you a very high ROI in terms of the tangible, as well as the intangible benefits.


So before you join any MBA Course, it’s always good to do a bit of research on which are the institutions available, what they offer, their faculties, their infrastructure, their alumni, their feedback, their experience. Do their SWOT analysis, note down the tangible and intangible ROIs expected. So like I said earlier, once you are attentive to your surroundings, and the problem is known now, then the solution will always be at hand. It’s just that we have to clear our minds, be focused on what we want to achieve, and yes the self-belief is very important, as once you have decided, the word ‘Impossible’ also then states ‘I am possible’.  Also, as Nike says ‘Just Do It’.  


So do look at all colleges and universities to pursue your MBA and get the degree you have been aspiring for. Also look at the Westford University College, talk to our faculties, see the infrastructure, speak to the alumni to get first-hand info, calculate the ROI, try and get an answer to all your W’s and H’s you have been asking yourself. Westford promises you an experience of a lifetime, a real roller coaster ride where Learning is Fun…….let’s all be part of this fun journey.



Post written by:

Mr. Anil Ahluwalia
Academic Director

Westford University College


Disclaimer: The facts and opinions appearing in the article are personal views of the author and not the official statement of Westford



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