Importance of DBA among Business Professionals in Qatar

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Qatar is the wealthiest nation in the world with the highest per capita income and is known to be one of the most prominent locations in the GCC for expatriates seeking employment opportunities.  Owing to the high disposable income, Qataris enjoy several benefits such as high-quality healthcare and access to local and global educational programs.  According to the Global Competitiveness Report of 2018, Qatar was ranked 5th for quality in its higher education and training programs. The government of Qatar has a keen focus on developing the tertiary education sector to ensure that the citizens and residents gain skills and competencies to compete globally.  Therefore, acquiring master’s and doctoral degrees will help Qatari citizens and residents to stand out from the crowd by demonstrating a high level of commitment to learning and self-development.

Although an MBA is considered to be a highly regarded qualification, a DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) is a sequel to the MBA degree and is a terminal degree in business administration with a focus on familiarizing the participants with theories in the field of business, and providing rigorous training in the scientific research method applied in the field of management. It is a well-designed program that is especially beneficial for business professionals in leadership positions seeking to strengthen their skills and gain a strategic vision to lead in an extremely dynamic and disruptive business environment.  The professionals undertaking the program have the opportunity to use their experience and prepare for solutions to complex business challenges. They are required to produce a high-quality dissertation in their area of interest, which should bring insight into a specific problem area with a specific proposal of the solution.

Westford University College (WUC) has a reputation for offering and delivering high-quality knowledge-enabled online programs to learners from over 113 nations by partnering with accredited Universities from UK, Italy, Cyprus, the US, and Spain. A glorious addition to its existing portfolio is the recent launch of the DBA program that is being developed and delivered in partnership with Universidad Catolica De Murcia (UCAM), Spain, and is ranked among the top 10 universities in Europe by Times Higher Education Ranking-2019 for Quality Education.

A common assumption is that doctorate programs take a tremendous amount of time and effort, however, it is no longer necessary to spend one’s life to earn one.  The online DBA offered by WUC in partnership with UCAM will provide the flexibility professionals need to take their classes at a time and schedule prearranged and convenient to them keeping in consideration their busy work schedules and other commitments. This implies that the online mode will ensure that earning a doctorate is less complicated, putting learners in a position to work full time and manage their priorities while earning their doctorate.

The online DBA program in Qatar is structured in two distinct stages, stage 1 which comprises 5 taught modules contributing towards 60 ECT credits, and stage 2 which requires completion and submission of the ‘Practice-Based Thesis’. The maximum duration to complete the program is 3 years with a minimum time frame of 1 year. The learners can choose to exit early without undertaking the research thesis and in that case, will be awarded a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Management by UCAM.

The online DBA program offered by WUC is one of the best DBA degrees in Qatar available for executives in top-level positions. In general,  a DBA is proven to increase learner’s lifetime earnings and potentially help in ascending the career ladder. The knowledge and experience gained through the practical application of knowledge and rich insights informed by research and analysis is also a great vehicle for economic and social change.

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