Skills Of A Product Manager

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It is the duty of product managers to monitor the various marketing phases of the company. This will generally include the development of the product, the price of the product, the advertising of the products etc. Successful product managers utilize resources which are available for making the products profitable. The various steps from manufacturing to marketing will be studied by the product manager to achieve quality to be maintained through the life cycle. The following are some of the skills needed by product managers for making the products a success

Knowing about the market is the first step for improving the quality of the product. A successful product manager should know about the advantages and disadvantages of the products being manufactured by the company. he should also know about the advantages and disadvantages of the competitors’ products. A successful product manager should also know about the market conditions as well as a share of the products belonging to the company in the market. A product manager does analysis and implements methods to increase the market share for the products. It is also essential for the product manager to know about the external factors affecting the marketing conditions.

It is the duty of the product manager to know what the customer wants. Preference is given by the customers about the forms and functionality of the products and the way in which the products are used also studied by the Product Manager. Customers are contacted through surveys and through phone and email for knowing about the difficulties faced during the use of the products by the product manager. This helps him in knowing about the target audience and their preferences. It is also possible by the product manager to know which geographical area will yield more results.

Sales and Marketing

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