Inauguration of The New Westford University College Campus at Al Zahia

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Inauguration of the New Westford University College Campus at Al Zahia

The Westford University College is pleased to announce the opening of a new campus in Al Zahia, Sharjah. The branch opened on the third week of September, with a humble event due to the Covid-19 protocols in place. The Zahia campus is the second campus of the Westford University College

Westford University is more than a decade old and rising exponentially in its goal of developing inexpensive learning opportunities that are available to everyone. With their motive that drives them strongly at the institution every day whilst symbolizing ‘confidence’,’ integrity’ & ‘never compromising efficiency’ and a ‘monetary valueconscious approach’ they are today declaring the opening of their new campus at Al Zahia, Sharjah.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our campus which showcases the most modern outlook and facilities with enhanced resources to welcome a wonderfully vibrant community of students in the UAE,” – said Firoz Thairinil, Founder and CEO of Westford University College. “As a community-focused institution, we believe that our core values and teaching philosophy make our students capable of meeting the future needs of the country and its economic development”

The campus will be providing various Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UCAM Spain and Canterbury Christ Church University of UK.

“We have been turning down many students in the past due to the limitation of our facilities in our Al Tawoon campus. With the expanded facilities in Al Tawoon campus along with Al Zahia campus, we were able to accommodate an additional 700 students in our campus, which will help us to meet the increasing demand for our courses in the region.” – Hanil Das, Executive Director, Westford University College.

The new campus places within the Sharjah Book Authority Building and is established over an expansive area of 19,000 square feet. The deliverance of the on-site programs will be exercised on these premises, which is really centrally located and in close vicinity of Dubai and Ajman emirates. With a total of 7 classrooms; optimum space for up to 50 students at a time, the campus also has a modern auditorium of more than 150 students. Classrooms are specifically designed to fulfill the needs of each specialization, facilitating collaborative sessions between faculty and students, enabling group engagement and peer reinforcement. Apart from the classrooms, the campus has its own modern and fully equipped specialized computing lab, a designed to define lab for students studying fashion. The campus with its vibrant, modern and spacious structure is up to date with the latest technologies and is a full Wi-Fi zone.

WUC believes that mental and physical well-being in the key to a happier, more productive sociable student, who will have a greater understanding of how to work well with others and manage their time effectively. Thus, it ensures that its students have the time to relax, exercise and spend time with their new found friends by introducing them to a plethora of varied indoor recreational activities.

It features a veritable campus of indoor recreation facilities that are targeted to students of all interests and backgrounds. It reads in an indoor table tennis court, a pool area, a football playing area and a cricket net with stimulator gaming. Experiential training aids, numerous amenities for students and excellent qualified faculties to deliver the academic programs will form the backbone of this new campus.

As you set out on the incredible journey that will help to shape the thinkers, workers, citizens, and difference-makers you are destined to be, Westford promises you an experience of a lifetime where learning will be fun. It invites you to be a part of the vibrant learning community that is there to support, sustain, and encourage you as you commit to study at WUC. It will be a journey that will live with you as an indelible experience forever.

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