Inclusive learning for MBA

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Why an MBA? If you have just completed your undergraduate and/or have been working in your industry for a while, you are likely to be looking for Universities to do an MBA and further your prospects.

In the end, an MBA is a piece of paper that certifies your educational qualification in the eyes of potential employers. But, it is the inclusive learning that the students retain with themselves that prove their worth.

University is not just an educational platform. If used well, it is an opportunity for equipping the learner with unspoken skills and assets.

Alumni from the top universities in the world will all tell you this – more than the education they received from their classes, it is the connections they made and networks that they maintained that really got them to where they are today.

University students will find themselves surrounded by hundreds of people. Everyday. They see new faces and meet new people every day, but don’t usually stop to build connections with them. Every student comes from a different background and have stories of their own, unique and useful skill sets of their own. Down the line, you never know when you will need assistance or advice on your path. Having made that vital connection back in university comes in handy here. A fellow student, a professor, an admin staff, all have reasons to stay on your side.

Through the years spent in school, students may be exposed to a crowd that comes from similar backgrounds. Especially in the case of private schools and institutions. But college is different. You are hit with a wave of people that come from various backgrounds, with opinions and perceptions that you never thought was possible. Every individual’s thought process is to be respected and college life prepares every participant. It teaches how to deal with different people and personalities, all the while letting them grow individually by interacting with new people and engaging their own thought process.

College brings you closer to people with similar interests and skills and allows you to create something beautiful and unforgettable with them. It may be a shared passion in creating music, love of the fine arts, political opinions, or just creating new ideas and moving forward with it.

The primary purpose of going to college is to get the right education. But only going to classes shouldn’t be your prime focus. There are multiple activities happening around college for you to en

gage in, if you keep your eyes and ears open.

Sport is something that brings people together like no other event. Whether it be a light game of football between pals or a mega final athletic meet with thousands watching on. Sport brings together passion and emotion in people, and the best of them – the experience of cheering your team on, sticking with them through highs and lows and everything in between.

Sport allows you to showcase your athletic abilities all the while testing your body’s limits. It is euphoric in triumph and devastatingin defeat.

The requirement from an educational institution is to imbibe the prescribed knowledge drawn from books into the students. But it is how students use the time given to them that determines how wealthy they are when they walk out the doors.


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