International Immersion program : How it helps Online MBA students?

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What is the International Immersion Program?

International immersion is a unique feature of the Westford MBA program designed to create managers who are able to lead teams into the new millennia. The skills that were needed a decade ago no longer are relevant in the workplace. The world has shrunk and the change has become the norm. The tumultuous changes in the market place and the onset of artificial intelligence has shattered the very definition of work and how work is done. A newer paradigm of management that centers on managing diverse work groups in new forms of organizations has emerged. A new breed of managers with skills needed to function in such environments is in short supply. The International Immersion program of Westford MBA is focused on developing these very skills in the online MBA students through a unique curricula and a series of trans-formative real- life learning interventions.

The 4 pillars of the International Immersion program

The student is led through a series of learning experiences to build knowledge and facilitate transformation. This includes the following 4 pillars of learning at the International immersion program of Westford MBA:

  • Acquiring personal development tools and competencies

All mangers need to continuously learn and transform themselves to meet the challenges of the ever changing landscape of the new world. The International Immersion program of Westford MBA imparts the tools and the knowledge needed to assess and understand oneself and move forward in sure and steady steps.

  • Engaging in outdoor based learning for skill development

Rather than memorizing concepts through rote learning, ‘learning by doing’, is essential now. The skills needed cannot be learned by confining oneself to classrooms. The program involves outdoor group challenges, problem solving and sessions that are focused on developing creativity and innovation. Our students go on jeep trails, trekking and undergo leadership workshops in mountains of “Munnar” and “Idukki” as a part of their learning sessions. This leads to learning valuable lessons from real life experiences in the areas of strategy development, problem solving and team building.

  • Harnessing the power for Big Data for Decision making

The state-of-the- art- technologies are now at our finger tips that can help us break down huge amounts of data into valuable information. Knowing to use these tools, mining data and gaining expertise in business analytics is a requirement for the new manager. The program teaches you to base decisions based on facts and verifiable data using the newest data analytics tools and techniques. This part of the program, held at Pune is, taught by the top-most faculty in the country.

  • Thriving in diversity

These students for the Westford MBA program are from more than 22 nations. The rich interactions that the MBA program offers through online and offline platforms help professionals develop their Cultural Quotient.  This has been cited as one of the most valuable skills a manager can possess and can be developed only through real life situations and specific training interventions. The program enables the students to not just cope with the increasing diversity in their organizations but to thrive in it.


Student Testimonial

“I was looking for a feasible online program, while balancing my work-life and social life commitments and Westford MBA was the best program I found after the research I did. The program provides online lectures at different time zones, qualified lecturers with very interesting topics that keeps you up to date with the ongoing changes in our fast-moving markets. I feel that over the duration of the course I gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies that will be beneficial to me, and those I deal with personally and professionally. The course exceeded my expectations significantly.

Westford made the transition very smooth and has been there anytime I had a question or needed help. I would highly recommend Westford Online MBA to anyone who is looking to advance their career as all the online classes that I have taken have been extremely valuable and the professors were full of knowledge, I could participate in a discussion from anywhere and my online classes were surprisingly interactive. I almost feel like I got to know my classmates better than I do in a regular classroom because we each had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and share our thoughts through projects and discussions.

The program ended with a trip to India, which in fact exceeded my expectations. I met people from 18 different nationalities, the diversity and cultural knowledge I gained is priceless, the campus in Kochi was good and the hospitality and well-organized learning environment to meet the students’ requirements. I gained extensive knowledge in strategic management, in human recourse practices, marketing and operations, and sustainability in businesses, adding to that the workshop at Institute of Telecom Management in Symbiosis International University in Pune using SPSS software to apply data analytics which is a huge part of my daily work requirements.

Munnar was a pleasant surprise for all of us and our resort we stayed at was overlooking tea gardens, a dense forest. The sun rises behind the mountains along the horizon. We had so many team building activities and by evening we enjoyed a relaxing campfire. The Jeep-trails and trekking to “Kolukkumalai” was breath taking experience.

Westford Online MBA is a value added program, aside from the educational side, the personal side that helped me improve my presentation skills, communication and leadership through a set of several activities and competitions that enhances communication within team members, moreover I got to meet new professionals in business, made new friends and had unforgettable memories.”

You can also get the information about International Immersion program from our website International Immersion Program

Fayek Abdalkareem Fayek Ashi

Westford MBA Student

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