It’s Official: Westford University College is a Certified Great Place to Work!

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About Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work is the global authority on building, sustaining, and recognizing high-trust, high-performing workplace cultures. The Great Place to Work Trust Model is built on 30 years of research and data collected through our Trust Index Survey, which is taken annually by millions of employees worldwide. Great Place to Work serves businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies in 51 countries. In the Middle East, Great Place to Work produces the annual Best Workplaces lists in each of GCC Countries.

A great workplace is not just espresso, lush benefits, lunches, grand parties, or nice offices. A culture spurred by a clear sense of purpose, supportive career development, and approachable management is what has positioned Westford as a Great Place to Work.

A strong culture helps us hire faster, bring more A-players onboard, and retain the team that has driven Westford’s past successes as a company. It’s also the driving factor of successful collaboration and enables us to consistently exceed our student’s expectations. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been officially recognized as a Great Place to Work-Certified organization in the UAE.


We owe our achievements to the indomitable “people-power” & a die-hard spirit to “serve-with- an- excellence mindset”, that epitomizes “student-centric culture”, residing heavily within the heart, sleeves, and emotive quotient of institution across its talented & knowledgeable faculty members, committed course administrators and its solution-oriented career counsellors team that deserved us in bagging the “Great Place to Work” award for the year 2020-2021, where every Westfordian brought in their best version to elevate the perception & reputation of the organization globally. This year Westford participated only to be pitted against some of the highly acclaimed successful corporations – multinational institutions…which meant that achieving a benchmark higher than the rest of the industry players while receiving the ‘Great Place to Work Award’ was a matter of great honour, respect, accomplishment and pride for each of us

Hanil Das,

Executive Director
Westford University College

The 2020 Great Place to Work results shows that Westford employees feel they work for a company that offers a valuable service to society by providing people with work opportunities, as well as coaching and guidance throughout their career. Employees appreciate the inclusive management style and feel empowered in decisions that affect their jobs and work environment.  Characterized by a feeling of family, a positive nurturing environment encourages employees to develop supported by management and collaborative teams. They are also inspired by the company’s active engagement in the local communities aimed at fostering inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

  Credentials Industry Standard Westford’s Score
Credibility Communications 85 97
Competence 85 96
Integrity 85 97
Support Support 85 97
Collaboration 82 93
Caring 85 94
Fairness Equity 78 93
Impartiality 75 92
Justice 86 96
Pride Personal 88 100
Team 88 99
Corporate Image 88 99
Camaraderie Intimacy 88 98
Hospitality 87 98
Community 84 100

We are proud of our entire employee base that works so hard to bring our values to life every day. Thank you to all of our dedicated employees for the passion you bring to Westford!

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