MBA in Healthcare Management : How it helps Doctors and Medical Practitioners.

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The course Healthcare Management and Leadership provides students with theoretical foundation and practical skills for surviving and succeeding in the complex process of the modern health care management. Its multilateral nature is presented by diverse range of topics. They all are intended to help students understand the various aspects of the human health and its influence on social and economic development – on regional and national level.

Westford University College offers a MBA and a Postgraduate Diploma course for the professionals in the healthcare sector. These courses are designed to bring out the managerial skills among the medical practitioners and doctors. The healthcare professionals get to learn on:

Change Management and Project Management tools and techniques are presented and explained. Their history and evolution are analyzed so the students get orientation about the modern trends in these fields. Examples from healthcare field are discussed with the students and they are encouraged to present their “Dream project in healthcare” assignment where they have to implement all the knowledge they have gathered during the course. Cultural diversity in healthcare is discussed as well and some practical tools for managing diverse healthcare systems are introduced to the students.

Strategic management and healthcare strategies are explained in details. The students are introduced to the most popular strategies in health care on different levels: on individual level, on organizational group/ function/ department level, on organization level, on organizational interaction and environmental level so they can apply them in their everyday managerial or administrative work. How to related skills in healthcare strategic management are also included. Special accent is put on preparing strategic plan of hospital or medical centers, including different analytical tools.Setting SMART objectives and the relation they build between project management and strategic management in the organization are another aspect the students are made acquainted.

Quality Management is one of the central topics and a must have knowledge and skills for healthcare managers. Patient Safety principles and preventing errors in healthcare are introduced discussed with students. In this relation students are introduced to the most popular quality systems in healthcare like:

  • The system of standards of the International Organization for Standardization;
  • The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program;
  • The European Foundation for Quality Management EFQM Excellence Model;
  • The European Quality in Social Service (EQUASS);
  • The Alliance for Performance Excellence.

Healthcare Management

Accreditation principles, process and trends are presented to students so they would know well the most popular International Accreditation Schemes in Healthcare so they could later perform a measuring against international standards. There schemes are:

  • Joint Commission International (JCI) out of the USA;
  • Accreditation Canada;
  • Australian Council on Health Care Standards International;
  • QHA Trent out of the United Kingdom.

 Students are made aware of marketing principles and their application in healthcare as market strategies, used in different situations by the health care establishments. They also learn how to identify target market.

Human resource management and financial management are introduced and most important aspects are discussed with the students.As these topics are essential to every health care manager all the essential theoretical base and suitable practical examples are given to the students so they can implement them later in their career.

If you are a healthcare professional and looking to sharpen your management skills this Online MBA in Health Care Management is designed for you. Get in touch with our counselor to know how this program can benefit you in your career.

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