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Learning should be an ever growing process with all of us, and as the saying also goes …..‘the only constant in life is change’…… we have to up skill and update our knowledge, competencies and skills at all times, and that comes with upgrading these learnings at a constant pace with the rapid changes occurring in the fields of technology and in the industry.

Learning is an infinite phenomenon and the realms and depth that one can go within any learning process is like a vast endless ocean, the more you learn, the less you feel you know, and the more you want to learn. Education field has undergone major changes in just the last few decades and the major stakeholders in the field of education like Schools, Colleges and Universities have to adapt to these changes in real time. The conventional methods of learning through typical content based syllabi and the associated assessment processes of exams, Viva, etc. logically has to change to more contemporary methods of teaching and training like experiential learning, blended learning of theory and practice, a very industry focused approach which benefits individuals, as well as the corporate world outside. However, there is currently a wide yawning gap of learning between what is taught and what actually the industry wants from its employees. Learning can be beneficial if there is a complete transfer of learning between the service provider disseminating the learning and what the industry desires. If the integration is incomplete then there still remains this inclusive enormous void within it, and the focus of the industry’s objectives and goals thus take a beating.


Westford University College is the outcome of a group of professionals who are extremely passionate about education, and want to spread this phenomenon globally within the reach of everyone, irrespective of caste and creed differences. There is a constant focus on learning on the industry requirements, including the changes being experienced by the industry intrinsically, as well as extrinsically. The last decade has seen some major changes in all sectors of industries, be it manufacturing, construction, IT, finance, service industry, etc. Most of the companies have been realigning with the technological and environmental changes that are being experienced by them and trying to restructure their operations and other functions within their available resources. The next decade is likely to see an exponential growth of major changes once again, and what is prevalent today may soon be seeing the redundancy window very soon. If the industry is changing so rapidly, its human resource has to adapt to these changes in sync with the industry requirements.

Westford University College is thus always reinventing, as well as trying to keep pace with the industry requirements and trying to up-skill the knowledge and competencies of working employees and potential employees, at all times. Westford University College is in partnership with some of the very prestigious more than a century old Universities, including the top Awarding Bodies in the UK. The MBA courses being conducted by Westford through these partnerships prepare the students to cope with their specific company and industry-based requirements so that they can put to practical use what they have learned through their theoretical and practical experience in the journey with Westford.

Affordable MBA in UAE

Companies today require soft and hard skills from their employees to help them achieve a customer-centric approach and help them accomplish their strategic goals and objectives. Westford University College’s key strength is that it has one of the finest faculties not only in the UAE but also from across the globe from US, UK, Malaysia, Australia, India, etc. The trainers really are not just teachers or trainers, but are passionate professionals who have had a very rich experience in the companies/ industry they served, and are now mentors who want to nurture their students not only to help them acquire the requisite skills but also want them to develop into well rounded human beings and personalities who can make a difference in this world. This is where soft skills training like leadership, teamwork, motivation, employee engagement, integrity, values, etc are also imbibed into the students, apart from understanding and applying the hard skills of management, which too are critical for any industry. The onsite and online training facilities and infrastructure provided by the College are state of art with the latest training aids, blended artistically with an excellent internal environment for all students to experience and enjoy.

Westford University College, though nascent and new in the field of education today boasts of rich alumni of working professionals, some of who are CEOs, Directors, Senior Managers, including junior staff members also like executives and officers, who have benefited immensely from the MBA Programs being conducted by Westford. The essence of satisfaction comes from the fact when these students give glowing testimonials to the College, stating how much the course benefitted them at their workplace, and then tell their colleagues and friends to have this amazing experience with Westford.

Westford University College promises a ride into a world of education where learning is going to be fun, where you are going to make permanent friends and where you are going to become a beacon and a leader in your company, which every industry is searching for, and most importantly, this learning is also for yourself to help you achieve the hierarchical apex of ‘self-actualization’, which Abraham Maslow talked about long ago.

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Post written by:

Mr. Anil Alhuwalia

Academic Director

Westford University College


Disclaimer: The facts and opinions appearing in the article are personal views of the author and not the official statement of Westford


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