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The increasingly intense competitive demands of the digital age workplace challenge everyone everywhere. Technological advancement contrasting with perpetual digital enhancement has not just offered exponential growth opportunities for both individuals and organizations but has immensely challenged professionals worldwide to cope with this paradoxical paradigm shift. Here in the UAE, more and more working professionals are on a look out to upgrade their skills & knowledge. For working executives, the online learning is the most convenient option to enhance their employability index.

Affordbale online courses for working professionals in UAE
Organizations are in the race chasing talent; professionals are in the race aspiring for career growth. Talent is scarce. Time is premium. Innovation and alternative paradigms are, therefore, inevitable.
In the world of expectations and cut throat competition, employers are seeking expertise in managerial and leadership skills. Employees are seeking alternative models and avenues to upgrade their skills and qualifications. Acquiring MBA, for instance, has become inevitable to climb the organizational ladder. The conventional “brick and mortar’ MBA does not necessarily suit their cramped timelines. Is there an alternative? “Go Virtual” is the Midas touch!


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There were apprehensions among employers who were circumspect with qualifications offered through online education. Perceptions, expectations, and opportunities have witnessed a transformational change in the recent past. Employers have embraced the change. Employees have discovered a flexible, cost effective and time-saving mode of upgrading their knowledge, skills, and qualifications.
Aspirants of higher qualifications prefer to manage their time wisely. They have adapted to spend quality personal and family time. An online blended learning option offers them the immense possibility to learn at their own preferred space and pace. The hassle of commuting beating hectic traffic after work comes at a cost of sacrificing the precious personal and family time. Employers that are funding higher qualifications also prefer their employees choosing a faster and cost effective route.
Apart from the tangible advantages; online education also opens the doors of infinite possibilities to connect learners and instructors across diverse industries, cultures, subject matter expertise and professional experience. The classroom has been transformed into a global knowledge virtual hub unleashed with infinite space for networking and collaboration across diverse work domains. The learning platforms are embedded with modern technology aided tools and design to help learners share and interact with an enjoyable learning experience. The new age blended learning platforms are also dynamic and updated with courses and content tailor-made to adapt real time to cope with the changing scenarios and demands of the workplaces.
Choose your time, space and qualification. Be it at your home on the couch on your terms and simultaneously network, learn and share knowledge with peers across the globe. Westford University College provides the working professionals the flexibility and the convenience they expect from a business school. For more information on all our courses (online & on-site) feel free to get in touch with us.


Welcome to the Global Virtual Knowledge Hub!


Post written by:

Mr. Zawahir Siddique
Associate Dean,
Westford University College


Disclaimer: The facts and opinions appearing in the article are personal views of the author and not the official statement of Westford

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