5 benefits of doing an Online MBA that professionals in Saudi Arabia can look forward to

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Once you gain some work experience in the corporate world, it is common to upgrade your skills to move up the career path. For many professionals, this means earning an MBA degree. In the past, it was a bit difficult for professionals in Saudi Arabia to earn this coveted master’s degree because of the need to attend the class in person.

5 Benefits of doing online MBA

  1. Flexibility – Most professionals who want to advance their skills look for a program that offers work-life balance. The online MBA offered by Westford University College offers the flexibility to executives who want to upgrade their skills but at their own pace.
  2. Affordable – Since the need to be present on campus is out of the picture, the cost of pursuing an MBA degree reduces to a large extent. The learner gets the same quality and the degree but at half the cost of a traditional MBA program.
  3. Technology – The one industry that has benefited a lot with the technological boom is the education industry. With the introduction of 4G network and smart devices, students can access the class from anywhere. At Westford University College, we use state of art applications to provide the best online experience to our learners. For example, our college has implemented G Suite for Education a full suite by Google catering the needs of today’s educational institutions. 
  4. Student Diversity – Westford has a student base from over 120 countries. The online MBA course witnesses a diverse range of students from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Egypt and more. The student diversity also helps in peer learning.
  5. Global Outlook – Our master’s program is from world-renowned universities from UK, Spain, and Italy. The professionals from Saudi Arabia also get an opportunity to be a part of international business immersion program conducted in India. Through this program, the students get to meet their faculties and peers and learn about leadership and strategic management.

Bottom line is if you are a professional living and working in Saudi Arabia and you can’t do a full-time on-campus MBA, an Online MBA is designed for a professional like yourself. For more information, drop us an email on info@westford.org.uk and our consultant will guide you further.


Post Written by

Mr. Tausif Mulla

Associate Faculty, Westford University College

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