Higher education with the required skills is an important parameter for a successful career : Online MBA in Lagos

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The GDP growth rate in Nigeria is expected to grow by 2.50% by 2020. This growth will be mainly due to new investments coming into the country as well as more industries being set up by the government and private entities. This growth will demand professionals with the required skill set and what’s better than an MBA degree? With a International master’s degree from UK or Spain an individual will be in a better position to perform and give the desired output for the company.

Higher education with the required skills is an important ingredient for a successful career. With the dynamic business environment and the ever-changing requisites for a great job, Master in Business Administration (MBA) is a tool that would prepare a student to face the challenges with much vigor, aptitude, and knowledge. MBA emphasizes the all-around understanding of the business. The versatility of the varied courses covering from Supply chain Management, Accounting and Finance, Human Resource Management, Health Care to Marketing at Westford University College hones the business acumen strengthening the foundation for career growth. With the course accompanies the understanding of numbers through Accounting and Finance which further deepens the propensity to explore the significant nuances of the business.

Accredited Online MBA’s and Part time MBA’s are high in demand in Nigeria and in other African countries with the economy seeing robust growth and more private ventures are looking for qualified and experienced MBA graduates. With the digitization of Education System, Westford specializes to provide online MBA education in Lagos and thus, one can gain MBA skills and accelerate in their career by being in any part of the world, even being in the commercial capital of Nigeria, Lagos.  Westford University Offers MBA awarded by Cardiff Metropolitan University and University of Wolverhampton since 2012, and more than 200 Nigerians have already graduated with Westford MBA and Postgraduate Diploma programs. Now the students have the opportunity to the do the MBA program completely online after the Office hours with high level of flexibility and affordable payment plans..

The business degree from Westford University College in collaboration with UCAM Spain will extensively cover the primary conceptual understanding integrated with in-depth analysis for a practical and technical understanding of the global industries by being at ease of your place. Westford UCAM MBA’s are offered with specialisation in Supply Chain, Shipping & Logistics Management, Health Care Management, HR & Psychology, Sales & Marketing, International Business Management, Financial Management and in Information Technology. The module for accounting aims to demonstrate the learning for management accounting, financial management, and strategy. The focus is to build the analytical ability and develop critical thinking in the learners with the ambition to decipher stories from numbers; this should be easier to say as “It’s much beyond numbers and financial statements.” The highly recommended degree aims to build on the financial literacy of students with a gradual surge to advance the application of accounting concepts.

The degree will act as a powerful resource to explore career options and strategically take advantage of the opportunities across the largest metropolitan city in Africa, Lagos. Since Lagos is a Supply Chain and Logistics hub of Africa, the demand for qualified MBA or Postgraduate Diploma graduates in Supply Chain, Shipping & Logistics are very high within the industry.


Mr. Osamor Henry,  Westford MBA Alumni from the Class of 2016 said, ‘Since 2001 I worked with many multi national companies in different roles from junior level to middle management level, but didn’t get a hold of the leadership and managerial skills. My career has changed after I enrolled for an Online MBA at Westford University College. In 2016, the drinks business of GSK was acquired by Suntory Beverage and Foods Limited and I was appointed to be the Operations manager from then till date. As the Operations manager, I manage the manufacturing operations from the raw material requisition to the finished goods. The leadership skills learnt from my Westford MBA helped me to lead the transformation of a drinks business with records of losses into a profitable business today. Thanks to Westford for their affordable, flexible Online MBA program”.
Mr. Adeola from Westford MBA Class of 2017 MBA said “The hunger and quest for Innovative Online MBA without leaving Lagos ended up with joining in Westford for their One year MBA program awarded in partnership with highly reputed UK University. My experience was astounding and has been highly rewarding as well. The lecturers are highly experienced from the industry, worked in many MNC’s with good academic acumen. The management concepts and learning I had from the MBA helped me to apply in my daily tasks and advance my corporate Career”

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