Opportunities after completing a BSc in Computer Science

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Opportunities after completing a BSc in Computer Science

Most industries rely on data and software programs since we live in a digital age. Everything is impacted by computer science and information technology, from scientific research to health development, transportation, banking, and communications, to name a few.

Cybersecurity experts protect companies from foreign and domestic interference, while everyday people stream movies and connect with video conferencing technology. Microwave ovens, refrigerators, and door locks are all now linked to our Wi-Fi networks and personal assistants. Computers have altered the way the world operates in numerous ways. Some of these changes have been beneficial, while others have had detrimental consequences on our lives.

Most of these developments have benefited firms and the economy from an industrial standpoint. The Bachelor of Computer Science (B.Sc. CS) is one of the most popular IT programs.

This field has the potential to take your career to new heights. With the growing number of IT and computer science organizations, the number of work opportunities for BSc Computer Science graduates is expanding, in terms of number and pay range. Software engineers earn an average of AED 52000 per month.

Top 10 Reasons to Major in Computing

  • We use computers in everything we do!
  • Regardless matter where you live, computing occupations are here to stay.
  • Computer expertise allows you to solve complex, difficult challenges.
  • Computing gives you the ability to make a beneficial impact on the world.
  • There are numerous lucrative careers in computing.
  • Computer science is an important component of a well-rounded academic education.
  • Computer knowledge is useful even if your major professional goal is something else.
  • Computing allows us a great deal of actual creativity and innovation.
  • Computing allows for both collaborative and independent work.
  • Future opportunities in computing are without boundaries.

Job opportunities after BSc in Computer Science

Web Developer

A web developer is a computer programmer who specialized in the development of World Wide Web Applications, or such types of applications that are run over HTTP, CSS or HTML from a web server to a web browser.
Salary: $113,601.

Computer Programmer

Programmers write code for computer programs and mobile applications. They are also involved in maintaining, debugging and troubleshooting systems and software to ensure that everything is running smoothly.
Salary: : $84,280

Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers oversee the manufacture, installation, and testing of computer systems, servers, chips, and circuit boards. They work with peripherals including keyboards, routers, and printers. Another title for this occupation is hardware engineer.
Salary: : $114,600

Security Engineer

Security engineers are responsible for developing and implementing security systems and protocols for their organization. Common tasks include identifying security solutions and implementing defence layers, configuring firewalls and detection systems, responding to network intrusion; testing new hardware and software, and regularly testing system defences to preempt breaches.
Average Annual Salary: $99,834

Android Software Developer/Engineer

Android software developers are similar to mobile application developers in terms of responsibilities but with a clear and strong focus on working within the Android platform. While specializing in working with Android, they must also have a clear understanding of user experience (UX) to ensure that the end product meets user expectations. Typical tasks include writing and modifying software as necessary, testing, debugging, and documenting issues with applications, and more.
Average Annual Salary: $94,497

Network Administrator

Install, configure and maintain local area network software and hardware services including servers, personal computers, and printers. Create and manage network users, directories, and backups. Provide support to network users to access resources available on the network and operations. Be responsible for server support and maintenance of cloud computing. Set up and configure computer applications including MS Office, emails, and internet settings. Repair and upgrade servers and computers. Stay aware of industry trends and acquire relevant training in the field.
Salary: $83,850

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers oversee the code deployment process, acting as a bridge between developers, IT staff, and the operations team. Common tasks include building development tools and infrastructure, testing and analyzing code before deployment, working to automate the development process, and monitoring processes throughout the software development lifecycle.
Average Annual Salary: $99,604

Software Development Engineer, Test (SDET)

Software Development Engineers, Test—otherwise known as SDETs—are software developers who specifically focus on testing. In addition to debugging software, they are responsible for altering code as necessary to resolve issues. Their responsibilities are often a mix of those typically belonging to developers and testers. In addition to understanding many programming languages, Average.
Annual Salary: $83,070

Database Developer

A Database Developer, or Database Programmer, is responsible for creating, administering and troubleshooting computer databases that can process large amounts of information and keep it secure. Their duties include using code and web architecture to design data systems, analyze and maintain existing databases and implement new user features.
Average salary: $79,275

Information security analysts

Information security analysts install software, such as firewalls, to protect computer networks. Information security analysts plan and carry out security measures to protect an organization's computer networks and systems.
Average salary: $99,275

An advanced degree might help you stand out from the competitors and possibly earn better beginning pay by enhancing your knowledge of a wider variety of languages, systems, and processes.

Westford University College offers the BSc (Hons) in Computer Science in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University, UK intending to develop students as self-reflecting individuals who can meet the demands of the employers in the computing sector and adapt to the constantly evolving world.

To know more Please visit: BSc (Hons) in Computer Science

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