Organizational Development Advantages and Disadvantages for Business Executives

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Organizational Development helps in improving productivity and efficiency of the company through the creation of a nurturing environment inside the business organization. Business Executives find it easy to improve specific operations through organizational development. The general elements of organizational development include training programs, incentives based on performance, team building programs and improvement in communication among employees. There are advantages as well as disadvantages for organizational development programs.

Organizational Development programs helps in improving the social skills among workers. Building an efficient team and train them to contribute productively is an essential part of organizational development. Organizational Development helps in increasing morale among employees and helps in building better teams. Business Executives find organizational development helpful in providing insight to employees and making clear to them about what is being expected in each situation.

Organizational development helps in understanding how employees adapt to each situation. At the time of making changes inside the team and in a workplace the organizational development programs help in keeping employees well equipped to get adapted to the situations. A vast network of contacts can be established through organization development programs which helps in the times of change.

Organizational Development programs assign responsibility among employees and keep the communication open so that the need of the organization is conveyed easily. Business executives handling change finds it easy to implement as previous issues are sorted out during organizational development programs.

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